Kids are Funny

Here are my funny kid stories from the week.

Both kids have been loving the trampoline lately.  Jace likes to call Luke and me over to “the show” before he starts jumping.  Usually we just sit there and watch and then clap.  But recently Jace stopped mid-show with a request.
Jace – “Say my name.”
Me – “Okay.  Jace.”
Jace – “No, you have to say Ja-cen.”
Me – “Okay.  Jacen.”
Jace – “No, Ja-cen.”
Me – “Ja-cen.”
Jace – “Now say it again.”
Me – “Ja-cen.”
Jace – “Now say it again.”

Took me a while, but I finally realized he wanted his “crowd” to chant his name while he jumped.  “Ja-cen, Ja-cen, Ja-cen, Ja-cen!”  Hilarious.  Here is a picture of Jace jumping and one of  Jace in his pirate hat on the pirate ship (it was pirate day at preschool).

Next funny story.  This one is painful.  The other day, Jace started doing this cool no-handed somersault.  He did it over and over.  Adam decided to try and catch it on video.  Jace got really excited to perform and jumped before he did the somersault – and basically dove straight into the floor.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.  He cried pretty hard.  Once he stopped crying, he insisted on trying it again.  The second video was much better.

Amazing Ouch – video

Amazing Trick – video

Now a Luke video.  Luke likes playing peek-a-boo!  It’s cute and it makes everyone laugh.

Peekaboo with Luke – video

The kids make each other laugh all the time.  Luke really likes bath time.  And he really likes Jace.  So when Jace takes a bath, Luke wants to go hang out with him.  And something about the combination of bubbles and water and splashing and Luke’s feet slipping and Luke being able to open the bathroom door and crawl in to see Jace all on his own just makes both kids laugh.

Jace likes to feed Luke.  It’s generally just a total mess.  We ended up with mashed potatoes everywhere the other night.  But they had a great time (see the video).  Today, Jace really wanted to make Luke laugh, so we spent a while balancing rings on our head.  Always good for laughter.

Laughing at Dinner – video

Jace had a dental check up the other day.  He did GREAT.  No tears and no cavities (YAY)!  We finished the appointment and, rather than head home, we spent the next 30+ minutes playing with the toys in the waiting room.  Silly kids.

We spent an afternoon at the arcade.  Jace loved all the race car/motorcycle games, but his favorite thing to play was air hockey.  In Jace’s version of the game, you cheer when the puck goes in either own goal.  Basically, you just hit the puck as fast as you can, and when the puck goes in either side, you jump up and down and cheer.  Loudly.  Every single time.

Exercise!  Jace recently discovered Adam’s free weights.  We have 2 lb weights for some reason (I bought them years ago and never used them….) – and they’re the perfect size for Jace!  He now suggests “exercise” when I ask what we should do for the day.  For Jace, exercise is laying on the bench and using the weights for about 30 seconds, then playing tiger.  He makes his four paws out of the perfect push up handles and Adam’s tiger slippers.  And then he crawl/walks around the house growling.  So funny.

Today, we went to ImagiNation.  You get to try out different professions and play with a bunch of toys.  Apparently the place is packed on the weekends, but there’s almost no one there during the week.  Which is great!  There’s no competition for the fire truck toys (which are favorites for both Jace and Luke) and we get front row seats for the make-your-own ice cream session.  Yummy!  Highlights from today also included the post office, the dentist chair, and pulling clothing out of drawers.

Our friends Cassie and Jack came with us to the museum today.  Jace and Jack had a great time.  Here’s a series of pictures of them in the pretend grocery store.  Things were going well, then a few pieces of play food rolled off the counter and landed on the ground.  And it was so funny.  So so so funny.  These two kids couldn’t stop laughing!  Cute.

And that’s about it for funny kid stories for the week.  I’ll get all the festive pictures together for the next post.  We’ve been doing a lot of festive stuff!


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