Pictures from the past 10 days….  But first, Adam and I were looking at old pictures.  We don’t think Jace and Luke look much alike at all!  Luke at 10.5 months, Jace at 10.5 months.  Jace was just starting to smile at this age.  Next are pictures of the two of them chewing on things….  It’s hard to find a picture of Jace at 10-ish months where he doesn’t have a toy in his mouth!  Anyways, both super cute kids, but we don’t see much for similarities.

Luke had a great time playing with Grandma.

Jace had a great time walking with Grandma, playing at the arcades, hanging out with Daddy, and playing at the fire truck park.

Jace is an IronPig – video
Jace also had a great time playing IronPigs with Grandpa.  And with anyone else who will play with him.  It’s his new favorite game.

Luke is into everything.  Everything!  If you turn your back for two seconds, he’ll climb to the top of the slide or crawl into the playhouse and disappear from sight or catch a cat by the tail or pull all the books and toys off the shelf or get a hold of whatever you thought you carefully placed out of his reach.  It’s fun, but it keeps you on your toes!

Luke Walkering – video

The kids and I headed to Crayola for the first time in a while.  Jace had a great time in the big kids climbing gym and Luke showed off his climbing ability in the toddler area.  And we spent almost a full hour playing with the interactive floor in the dark area.

Luke and Jace play together pretty well.  Most of the time.  Luke thinks Jace is hilarious.  Luke can follow Jace all the way up the stairs now.  They play some form of catch/chase in the playroom.  And a favorite game is when Luke stands by the slide and pulls on Jace until he flies down the slide.  They both laugh, then do it again.  And again.  And again.

Thanksgiving was fun – and delicious!  Grandma and Grandpa were here, which was really nice.  We tried two new recipes – bacon/pancake dippers and piecaken (cherry pie in chocolate cake and pumpkin pie in white cake).  And they both turned out pretty well!

Luke seemed to enjoy his first Thanksgiving.  Plus, he loves mashed potatoes!

Adam and I went Black Friday shopping for Christmas decorations.  The house is starting to look pretty festive!  The picture of the red tree is from the guest bedroom at our house.  It’s a really pretty tree.  After decorating, we headed to the tree lighting at the library.  Jace liked standing “in” one of the lighted trees while holding Grandpa’s flashlight.  He kept shouting “I’m a Christmas light!”  And it was so dark that he really did blend in – with the flashlight looking like all the other bulbs on the tree.

Lastly, here are a few pictures from one of the local tree farms.  It was a little cold, but the tractor ride to the field was fun, as always.

More pictures soon.  We’ve been doing lots of fun and festive stuff lately!


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