Jace has had a busy week.  He raked leaves with Grandma.  Did yardwork with Daddy.  Cracked open some geodes.  Wrote two letters to Santa (one for himself, one for his “little brother Baby Luke”).  Checked out a gigantic stuffed teddy bear.  And, with a little help from Luke, drew some new pictures for the fridge.

Luke has had a big week too.  He’s been practicing walking with Grandma.  He’s all about the scrunchie nose smile (so cute!).  And he’s been playing with the newly rotated toys.

We had a few last days of gorgeous, sunny, warm weather.  One day we took a walk on a nearby trail.  It’s the site of an old rail line, so the path is wide and flat.  Perfect for thee stroller.  Jace had fun.  He walked.  He rode.  And he dragged his feet and acted like a snowplow in the leaves – see the trail the stroller is leaving?  At the 1.5 mile mark, we stopped to play at a park.  There were some other boys playing there – all different ages – and it was cute to watch everyone interact.  Even Luke tried to crawl around with the kids!  The highlight of the park was the bridge.  Jace was having a great time running and jumping on the bridge.  He wanted Luke to join him.  I wasn’t sure how Luke would react to all the jumping, but he LOVED it.  He laughed and laughed, which made Jace laugh and laugh.  So cute!

We went bowling.  We started out with four of us on one lane.  But that involved WAY too much waiting around for Jace.  So we got two additional games on the lane beside us.  Jace played all 20 frames in that lane – speed bowling.  His scores weren’t too bad, and he even got a strike!

Lastly, here are some pictures from a walk at the park by our house.  It was nice weather and there were TONS of leaves on the ground.  Fun, fun, fun.


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