So Much Laughing!

The kids are so happy together.  It’s great!  Lately they’ve been laughing together a lot.  I love when they interact with each other.  And now that Luke’s mobile, he’s all about following his big brother around the house!

Jace’s big news for the week – he had a fever.  I guess a 5 day fever is going around – and Jace definitely caught it.  He had a fever between 101F and 103.8F for four days straight (with a day of 99.9F on either side).  It was awful!  Medicine would keep it in the 101F range, but as soon as we slowed down the medicine, his fever was back to the high 102Fs.  Ugh!  I took him to the doctor twice (once to check if he had ear infections and once because I had to take Luke for his 10 month).  No ear infections, strep, flu symptoms, etc.  Just a crazy fever.  Poor guy!  He actually didn’t seem too bothered by it, though he was tired and napped several days.  But he’s been fever-free for two days now, so I think he’s over it.  Hurray!

Luke’s big news for the week – he learned to clap!  It’s pretty darn cute.  And he does it all the time now.  He’s very proud of himself.

Pictures from the past 10 days….  Lots of time at the parks.  Of course.

Lots of time in the playroom (partially because Jace was so sick and partially because we rotated toys so there are lots of “new” toys).

Luke is on the move!  The baby gates are VERY necessary and Luke is into everything!  The walker is still a little fast for him, but big brother is happy to help slow him down when he gets going too quickly.  Also – Luke got another haircut!  You can tell he’s a little shaggy in the first pictures, but is looking very stylish by the last pictures.

Jace helped Adam rake (sweep?) some leaves.

Some random pictures – my parents at SteelStacks (the old steel plant), Luke loving his broccoli, Luke smiling, Jace paying in the drive thru (he was so excited!), and everyone fascinated watching the forklift at Home Depot.

Today we went to ImagiNation – a new place for kids that focuses on pretend play/different jobs.  Jace was one of only two kids in the entire place.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  We did a lot of grocery shopping, put out some fires, worked an assembly line, went to the dentist, and made a pint of custom ice cream!

The kids were really cute at the dinner table a few nights ago.  They were both clapping (which is adorable) and then Jace started playing peek-a-boo with Luke – and Luke loved it!

Peek-a-Boo and Laughing – video

Other super cute videos from the week!

Jace Reciting a Book – video
This is a longer one of Jace reciting a Halloween book.  He really liked the story.  This isn’t his best telling, but it’s a pretty good one.  I love when he reads books to us!

Musical Slide – video
We stopped at a McDonald’s for a snack.  They had a fun play area.  The toddler piano slide plays music when you slide down.  Jace thought it was fun to slide.  Luke thought it was hilarious when Jace slid down (over and over).  Super cute.

Rings on the Head – video
And now, my favorite video from the week.  When Jace was little, he used to think it was funny when I’d balance the rings from his ring stacker on my head, then “sneeze” and let the rings fall to the floor.  I’m not sure why I hadn’t tried it with Luke before, but we tried it last night.  And it was a huge success.  Both kids were laughing so hard!  Loved it!


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