Halloween and In-Between

Let’s start with the in-between.  We did lots of fun things after Maine and before Halloween.  Here are some pictures!

The three of us playing in the crib.  Kids in the shopping cart.  Halloween stickers!

Luke pulls to a everywhere now – so here’s a picture of him after he pulled himself up and started pulling things out of the draw, one-by-one, until the drawer was empty.  He thinks that’s tons of fun.  Next picture is Jace getting a haircut (how cute is he?!).

The kids “helped” me pack.

Close-ups that LUKE took!

And Jace’s new skill.  I didn’t know he could trace letters like this….  He’s always asking to help me add items to my “lists” on the whiteboard.  I gave him the marker the other day and he started tracing the words I had written – with impressive accuracy!

Parks, parks, parks.  We like parks.  We played at Fire Truck Park and Jace had a great time on the “fire pole”.  Then we went apple picking with Daphne.  We played at the park by preschool.  Jace and his friend from class, Lily, took turns pushing each other on the merry-go-round.  And then Jace entertained Luke by pretending the supports by the swings were “fire poles”.

We had a rainy day, so we headed to Crayola.

Jace decided he wanted to be a fire fighter for Halloween this year.  We got him a costume with a black jacket, but he decided to wear his red fire fighter jacket instead.  He and Luke get along sooo well.  They were “fighting” over fire fighter props (flashlights, mostly) and laughing sooooo hard.  In the last picture, Jace is performing a skit for Luke with Halloween finger puppets.

Jace’s preschool went trick or treating at a retirement home by our house.  It was a fun event and Jace got a ton of candy.  Plus, he got to see all his preschool friends!  That night, Jace woke up siiiick.  It was the worst bout of croup yet.  He had a ROUGH night.  In the morning, Luke helped him breathe some cool mist from the humidifier.  It was the day of Jace’s Halloween party.  He was pretty tired from the rough night, so I figured he’d just stay home.  We had to drop the treats off at school, and Jace decided to wear his fire fighter outfit.  When we dropped off the treats, the teachers suggested Jace come to the party.  I explained that he was sick, but he was acting healthy, so the teachers both thought he would be fine.  And he was, for the most part…. though apparently he coughed almost the entire party.  But he had fun!

After a very low-key Thursday afternoon/evening/Friday day, it was time for our Halloween party.  I warned everyone that Jace had been sick, but, as it turns out, all his friends were sick with colds too – so everyone just came over and coughed together!  Haha.  The Halloween party was lots of fun.  Luke was NOT a fan of his dalmatian costume, so he was a tiger again.  Check out our group picture!  It’s the best I could get – too many kids to corral!  The kids had a great time trick-or-treating.  The girls got tired and came home early, but Jace, Jack, Jonathan, and Dylan were very into it.  They trick-or-treated up and down both sides of the entire street (and side street!).  They stuck together as a pack of 4 and were very cute.  They had great manners, were supportive of each other when they’d trip and spill their candy (which they all did at one time or another), and they were excited the entire time.  After we made it back to the house, the kids ate some candy, got on a sugar rush, and played in the playroom.  Fun night!

The next day was trick-or-treating at Target.  Jace was WORN OUT from the night before, so Luke and I had a LOT of time together in the morning.  Luke was adorable playing and wearing his tiger pants.  When Jace finally woke up, we headed out for our trick-or-treating.  Jace and Jack were more focused on the toy aisle than on the candy!

The next day was trunk-or-treat.  It was approximately a million degrees outside, so it was WAY too hot for costumes.  Jace wore the boots, pants, and helmet, but it was definitely t-shirt weather.  When he took off the helmet, he was sooo sweaty.  No wonder he wasn’t very interested in collecting candy.  There was a metal sculpture at the trunk-or-treat that was made of 3 stylized Cs (for Cedar Crest College).  From an angle they definitely looked like Jacen letters (Js!).  Jace was more excited about playing on the Js (and pretending they were fire poles, of course) than he was about looking at the decorated trunks and picking out candy.  We got some candy, but mostly we just played and colored.

Afterwards, Jace wanted to play on a real pretend fire pole, so we headed for the park.  Jace was adorable in his costume.  He has a habit of wearing the helmet more like a baseball hat!

The next day was actually Halloween.  We headed to Jack’s house for a Halloween party.  Yummy food and fun activities.  The big kids put on temporary tattoos and played Halloween bingo with marshmallow candy corns as markers and ring pops as prizes!

LASTLY, here are some pictures of Jace and Luke.  They were both wearing their Halloween outfits and were super adorable on the couch together.  We had a very Happy Halloween!


One thought on “Halloween and In-Between

  1. I love your kids so much. I love your life so much. You guys are doing this soooo right. What a happy childhood these boys have. Xxooxxooxxoo

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