The Maine Event

Two weekends ago, Adam headed up to Maine for a quick comic book signing.  He had some car trouble.  Long story short, the following weekend we needed to return a rental car to Maine and pick up Adam’s car in Massachusetts.  Which translates to an impromptu mini-vacation in Maine!

We waited for Adam to finish work to start the drive north.  The kids did pretty well, but Luke didn’t like that I wasn’t sitting in the backseat with him (had to drive since Adam was driving his rental car).  Luckily, most of the drive ended up being pretty late at night, so the kids slept.  The next morning we headed to Portland to return the rental car.  While we were in Portland we made two really awesome stops.

First, the Portland Head Light.  It was awesome!  The day was pretty foggy, so visibility wasn’t great, but it was such a cool area.  Eventually we found the lighthouse (the picture where Jace and I have our hands up and the background is just plain white is the official viewing spot for a lighthouse picture…. on a clear day!).  You should google pictures of it – on a sunny day it looks amazing.  But the fog was kinda magical and we had a great time walking the Cliff Trail.

Our second awesome stop was the children’s museum.  It’s 4 stories and has so many amazing areas for pretend play!  You can climb in a firetruck, drive an ambulence, work in a clinic, sell produce at a fruit stand, work construction, build a dam in a river, fly a spaceship, and about 25 other things as well.  Plus, they have costumes and “tools” at each stand for you to use too.  Jace LOVED it.  And they even had a fun play area for Luke!

We spent the next days in Wells/Ogunquit.  It was a little cool and kinda windy, but we still took daily walks on the beach.  Here are some pictures from those days….

Trying to talk to my parents on the phone – the kids were helping!  Hanging out in the hotel room (Luke trying to go nose first off the bed, Jace doing “amazing tricks” on the luggage rack, and Adam sound asleep).  Decorating pumpkins at the fall festival.  And Jace with his Mickey Mouse pancake at The Egg and I.

Walking on the beach.  We had fun running from waves.  Jace was excited to throw sand!  It was drizzling, so Jace got to use his umbrella.  And he jumped in puddles in the parking lot!

Smile.  “Beach!” – video
When you tell Jace to smile, he faces you and shouts the word that describes what he’s doing/seeing/eating/etc.  At the lighthouse he would shout “lighthouse!”  When he’s eating pizza, he shouts “pizza!”  And here at the beach, he shouted “beach!”  It’s funny.  And works out well with some words.  Other times we just end up with pictures with his mouth open (“boat” wasn’t great – haha).  Anyways, he’s cute and he was having fun on the beach!

We went to our room to warm up.  And the kids were cute playing with the sheets.

Playing Peekaboo – video

We went to a really fun arcade one evening.  Fun games, good prices, and no one else was there!  Jace liked the ticket eater machine.  And both boys were super cute picking out the prizes.  Plus, we drove back to the hotel in the dark, so we got to see a cool Ghostbusters decoration.

The next day we did some more beach walking, then went to The Egg and I to warm up!

We headed back out to play at some playgrounds.  Luke spent most of his time playing in the car (less windy!).

We capped off the evening with a visit to the Maine Diner.  I was super happy to get my hot chocolate and grilled cheese.  Adam, on the other hand, got exciting seafood chowder and clam chowder and crab chowder and chili and a bread bowl.  He was impressed with the amount of seafood in the seafood chowder – hence the pictures.

We got a late start home (due to a very necessary stop for Maine Black Bear ice cream for “breakfast”).  There was a fun play place for the kids close to where we stopped to get Adam’s car, so we played there for quite a while.

Afterwards, we drove (separate cars again) and Luke napped.  When he woke up, we stopped for a snack.  We tried some more driving, but Luke was NOT having it.  At all.  And he wasn’t calming down.  Finally, I had to pull over at the nearest Chuck E. Cheese.  And we proceeded to play for hours.  Jace wasn’t sure about the show, but he looooved the Ken Chuck E. Derby horse ride, Skee-ball, and playing Tiger Bowl with Baby Luke.  Chuck E. Cheese walked through the game area at one point and Jace said, “Look!  A mouse!” and immediately went back to his horse ride.

Skee-ball – video
Jace has quite the arm!

After Chuck E. Cheese, we went and got some dinner and frostys.  And then we hit the road – once Luke was happily asleep in the backseat.  Made it home laaaaaate.  But it was a great mini-Vacation!


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