We had visitors!  Jace was soooooo excited to have his cousins come visit!img_1

Left to right: Luke (9 months), Brooklyn (11), Christian (11), Andre (8), Kaysen (7), Ryanya (6), Jace (3), and Ronyn (2).

It was pretty crazy to have so many kids in the house.  Jace was shy for about 3 minutes, then looooved having so many people here to play with him!  They got in pretty late the first night, so we played and had cake (with candles and singing, of course!).

The next day we headed to the farm.  The big kids did the corn maze while Jace, Ronyn, and Luke played in the corn (and our friend, Daphne).  Then we all went out to pumpkin patch.  Jace and Ronyn held hands a lot (cute!).  Maria took a group picture for us.  🙂

We walked to Weis (of course!).  The first time, everyone got apple slices.  The second time everyone got a cookie at cookie club.  🙂    Brooklyn helped Jace try out the virtual reality glasses (he’s pointing at the moon in the picture below – it was cute, he’d get excited about what he was seeing and tell us about it, while pointing).  And Jace and Kaysen read some books together.

Then we headed for another farm!  I warned Kelly that all we do is playgrounds, picnics, and farms!  🙂

Ryanya had been talking for weeks about making panda bear cupcakes (she helped me make those when we visited Colorado in May 2015 for Jace’s 2nd birthday).  Kaysen got excited about it too.  And Brooklyn.  And of course Jace wanted to help.  And Andre.  So it was a whole group cupcake decorating event.  We made panda bears and pumpkins.

The next day, Jace, Luke, and I reluctantly agreed to go to New York City with everyone.  Ha.  I soooo didn’t want to go, but I didn’t want to miss a whole day of hanging out with everyone.  The kids had such a good time with each other and it was really fun being all together.  I’m not used to traveling in such a big group!  We drove to NYC in the 15 passenger van.  Luke napped, Jace “painted”, and everyone snacked.  We parked in New Jersey and took the ferry across the river.

And then the chaos began!  I got pretty quick at counting kids – it’s scary stepping on and off subways when you have to check for that many people!  We saw the 9/11 memorial, then caught the subway to Brooklyn.  I liked the picture of everyone taking a picture of the subway.  And I liked Kevin’s pictures of all 11 of us on the subway platforms!

We made it to Brooklyn and played at some parks.  The first picture is all of us trying to figure out how to get to the parks….  But there are some great playgrounds in Brooklyn!  We also had authentic New York pizza.  Luke got his picture taken (with Kelly) under a sign for Luke’s Cafe.  And Brooklyn got to see the Brooklyn Bridge while standing in Brooklyn.

Next, we took the subway to Times Square.  The kids were all great about helping Jace hold on/get a seat/not fall over.  And Kelly loved the subway – even if she refused to touch any part of it.  Hahaha.

And then we were in Times Square!  Everyone held hands with everyone, and Ronyn and Jace stayed in strollers, and no one got lost!

It was getting late, so we caught the subway back to the ferry.  Or at least we tried to catch the subway back to the ferry.  Apparently “….static….static….SFLSKJDFLIJLKJS SLDKFJOIUWTLJKNSDLFKJ….static….” translates to “there’s construction on the blue line so this blue line train will now become an orange line train and head for Brooklyn instead of the World Financial Center”.  Sigh!  Long story short, we ended up having to catch a train across to New Jersey instead of our ferry.  And we did a lot of walking.  But we got some cool views of the NYC skyline!  And Jace had a great time riding in the stroller while Brooklyn pushed him suuuper fast inside the Oculus.

The kids were pretty worn out by the NYC adventure, so we had a low key morning the next day….  Played around the house, played with the cats, and Kaysen, Jace, and Ronyn played some game with the slide that they all found hilarious (but no one else understood).  Jace and Kaysen got along GREAT.  I knew they seemed to spend a lot of time together, but looking back through the pictures, they were together almost every time!  The last picture in this set is one Jace drew.  His pictures are starting to actually look like things, which is really fun.  This is a picture of “all my cousins and Ronyn and Baby Luke”.  I know Luke’s on the far left and I know Ronyn is on the far right, but I don’t really know who’s in the middle.  But I liked the picture!

After the kids rested up, we headed to Crayola.

Then we headed to the corn barn!  EVERYONE had fun.  The kids took turns covering each other in corn.  Luke had a great time crawling around.  Adam took some cute pictures of the kids.  Jace played in the corn on the ground outside the barn.  Brooklyn ended up with corn dust in her hair (okay, I think we all did, actually).  It took a lot of effort to get all the corn out of everyone shoes/socks/pants/shirts before we were ready to head for the car.  And we still brought home a ton of corn accidentally!

We did get a cute group picture though.  🙂  Photo credit goes to Adam.  It’s hard to get 8 kids to look up and (kinda) smile, all at the same time.  Especially when you’re surrounded by toys and corn!

We took a few more group pictures at home.

And Jace started a cousin hug – and then disappeared into the middle of it.  All you can see of him is his feet!

Everyone left early the next morning for the airport.  When Jace woke up, the first thing he said to me was, “Are my cousins still here?”  When I told him they’d gone home, he was SO SAD.

But a misty walk to preschool, a picnic lunch with friends, and playtime in the fall leaves seemed to cheer him up!  Though it’s been a week since their visit and he’s still talking about everyone every day.  He loved having so many friends at his house.  Super fun visit!


One thought on “Cousins!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you guys did this visit. It sounded so crazy and hard, but it was soooo totally worthwhile! ! I can’t believe the resemblance between Jace, Luke, Ryanya and Ronyn. So cute. I’m glad to see Christian and Andre with such happy faces. And I’m glad Kevin’s kids fit in so well. It sounds like a total success! Yay !!!!!

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