Practice Trick or Treating

Jace and Luke get along so well.  I LOVE watching them interact.  They smile at each other so much and are always laughing together.  It’s great!

Jace Pushing Luke on the Swing – video
Luke likes the swings.  And Jace likes to help his brother!

Laughing Together – video
I don’t always get why they’re laughing….  But it’s cute!

They have recently (re)discovered this toy and like to play with it together.  Jace retrieves the balls while Luke bats them off the ramp.  Luke also likes when the fan blows in his face.

Luke can crawl, but would rather walk, using an object for support.  His favorite push items lately are laundry baskets, the turtle, and a little plastic chair.  Lucky for Luke, we’re constantly doing laundry, so he always has a laundry basket to play with – and sometimes Jace plays too!

We went to Unangst Tree Farm the other day, with Daphne and Maria.  I turned Luke loose in the corn and he loved it.  It was tricky trying to keep the kernels out of his mouth!  Jace had fun too.  He made a drum set and had a great time playing.  We checked out the animals and Jace pulled our wagon all the way to the pumpkin patch.

Here are some pictures from today’s walk to/from preschool.  I’m thinking of using them in my application for Mother of the Year.  Captions for the pictures are “Almost Walked into a Skunk” and “Caught in the Rain without an Umbrella”.  Yup, it was a good morning.

We decorated for Halloween.  And Jace found a super fuzzy caterpillar on our decorations!

Jace has been playing a lot with his farm animals.  We went through a phase where he never bothered to switch them on and we’d pretend they were talking.  Now he’s found the on/off switch and likes to get allllll the animals talking at the same time.  I forgot how loud that is!  Luke, on the other hand, has discovered how much fun it is to pull things off shelves.  It’s a cute phase, even if I do have to refill the shelves constantly!

Poor Jaceakinz was SICK on Sunday.  He was fine Saturday and fine on Monday, but he stayed in bed ALL DAY on Sunday.  He had a fever of 102.9 and didn’t want to move.  He threw up several times, didn’t have any interest in eating or drinking, and spent most of the day asleep.  He managed to perk up for some iPad and apple juice at one point, but really, he just spent the whole day laying down in bed.  Poor guy!  Daddy was home to spend the whole day hanging out with him, which was great.  🙂

Luke on the Slide – Again – video

Luke is getting much more talkative lately.  He doesn’t have real words, per se, but he sure likes to talk.  Especially when he sees the kitties.  Or Daddy!  Below is a video of Luke saying “Dada” – with a little help from his brother!

Luke Saying Dada – video

Lastly, the other day I was fixing dinner and Adam was hanging out with Jace.  Somehow they decided they should practice for trick or treating.  Jace is sooooo excited for Halloween!  Adam took these videos.  I think they’re cute!

Practicing for Trick or Treating – video

More Practicing for Trick or Treating – video

Even More Practicing for Trick or Treating – video


One thought on “Practice Trick or Treating

  1. You guys have so many cool adventures together! You should totally send those pictures in with your MOTY app, but I’d change the captions to “Didn’t Get Skunk’d” and “Playing in the Rain without an Umbrella”. 😉 I’d vote for you! 🙂

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