Luke is NINE months old!

NINE MONTHS OLD!  He’s growing up so fast!

It was a little bit tricky to get pictures….  Luke likes to be on his feet.  And if he can’t be standing, he’s sitting.  And if he can’t be sitting, he’s crawling.  🙂  But he was semi-still for a few pictures.  I think he might be teething more this week than before – he’s got his fingers in his mouth or is pulling on his ear pretty often lately.  He was a little less happy today, but overall he’s still the happiest baby ever.

Three Months

Six Months

Nine Months

Our photo shoot.  Jace helped keep Luke distracted so he’d stay on his back for a picture!

Luke’s favorite thing in life is laughing with his brother.  Luke smiles at most people – especially me, Daddy, and Jace.  But he looooves when Jace does funny stuff to make him laugh.  The two of them laugh together all the time – over all kinds of things.  It’s awesome.

Luke’s least favorite thing in life is getting dressed.  He doesn’t mind clothes, he just hates the process of putting the clothes on.  He’ll be all smiles, then I’ll try to take off his jammies and get him dressed for the day.  And he screams.  Then he’s all smiles once we’re done.  Same thing at night when he changes into jammies again.  Sigh.  On rare occasions, I can keep him distracted enough that he doesn’t cry.  But it’s very rare.

Sad pictures from the day.  Luke has a pretty decent scratch on his face.  He woke up with it yesterday.  I don’t know if I scratched him while I fed him in the middle of the night or if he got himself with his nails or….????  I noticed it first thing in the morning.  It’s a little better today (third picture), but it looks rough.  Poor guy!

Happy pictures from today.  Luke learned about SLIDES!  We spent hours at the park today and so I decided to try the slide.  He wasn’t sure at first, but I held his hands while he slid down and he looooved it.  He laughed the entire time.  We did the slide several times – a few times on his tummy, which he thought was hilarious.  He also was a big fan of the swing today, but that’s not a surprise.  I’m so glad he likes the park as much as Jace does!  (Picture on the left is one Jace took – I commented to Adam that we didn’t have any printed pictures of Luke to put in our family picture frame.  Jace overheard me and asked for my phone.  I didn’t know why, but he used the camera, took a picture of Luke, then informed me that now we have a picture of Luke “for the family”.  So sweet!  And of course Luke is smiling because he’s looking at his brother!).

Lastly, here’s a video of Luke on the small slide in the playroom.  We tried to show Adam how much fun Luke had on the slide.  It wasn’t quite the same level of excitement, but it’s still pretty close.  Luke’s such a happy guy!

Luke on the Slide – video


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