The Foam Pit!

We hadn’t been to Force Sports Academy in a while….  On Monday, we headed over with a few friends – and discovered the new foam pit!  Soooo much fun.  Even the moms ended up jumping in to check it out.  And the kids had a blast!

Jumping into the Foam Pit – video

Jace’s Jump into the Foam Pit – video

We spent another afternoon at Seiple Farms.  We got there when they opened.  By the time we left, we were the only car in the front area of the parking lot – because we’d stayed longer than everyone else.  Jace (and Ella and Max) had a great time looking at the animals.  Luke had a great time playing in the corn.  Jace loved the straw maze.  We had some kettle corn for a snack.  And the weather was gorgeous.  Fun!

Bath times have been exciting lately.  Luke is all about splashing.  And Jace is all about his new bath water coloring tabs.

Jace’s preschool had a fall festival.

It’s been warm lately, which means lots of park time (See the front end loader by the merry-go-round?!  Soooo exciting!).

We had a pizza/Slurpee lunch date with Daddy.

Then we took an evening walk to get gelato!  Loving the double stroller.

THIS HAPPENED!!!!  Both kids.  Asleep.  At the same time.  During the day.  It was crazy!  Jace had been up early and played hard.  Luke was just due for a nap.  And we’d been in the car about 20 minutes.  I glanced back and they were both asleep.  I even had a hot chocolate and a new e-book!

And lastly, the boys got matching jammies!  What a cute and fun present!


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