Hiding in the Clothes and a Scrunchy Nose

Jace has a LOT of energy.  Luke has a lot of energy too, but it’s pretty easy to keep up with him right now.  Jace on the other hand?  He’s energetic and fast.  And sneaky!  I attempted to go shopping at Kohl’s.  Jace had other plans.  He wanted to run – as fast as possible – from one side of the store to the other.  When I finally convinced him that wasn’t a good idea, he decided we’d play hide and seek instead.  And he’s a darn good hider.  So good that I had to give up on shopping and we left the store empty handed.  See if you can find him in these pictures!

In other Jace news, he discovered that he can bite straight through the wrapper of a Luna Bar, and he got creative with a pan of shaving cream (in his defense, a pan of shaving cream is a pretty big temptation, especially for a 3 year old – in my defense, I didn’t expect Luke to wake up crying right as I finished filling the pan with shaving cream…. But it sure took me a long time to wipe down the entire kitchen, the high chair, table, chairs, and random spots in the playroom).

Other pictures.  Making Ninja Turtle cookies.  Chewing on Luna Bars.  Smiley Luke.  Ice cream at Chick fil A with some friends.  “Hockey” with pompoms and a xylophone mallet.  Playing in the playroom.  And a yummy snack in the car.

Two funny situations/conversations I’ve had with Jace in the past week….

Situation One!  Jace needs new shoes.  His current pair has been super glued several times and really needs to be replaced.

Me: Want to go shoe shopping?
Jace: No.
Me: But you need new shoes.
Jace: The tooth fairy will bring me new shoes in the morning.
Me: Don’t you have to lose a tooth for the tooth fairy to come?
Jace: Not for the shoe shopping tooth fairy.  She’ll come!
And while she didn’t bring new shoes, we did finally make it to the store, so we’re set now!

Situation Two!  We ended up at McDonald’s for dinner.  We were hanging out in the play area.  One little boy was really loud so Jace decided he was a dinosaur.  Jace kept bringing me invisible/pretend things to throw at the “dinosaur”.  Eventually we called Jace to the table to eat.  While we’re eating, the dinosaur kid is running around, trips on his own feet, and totally wipes out about 5 feet from our table.  He goes down hard.  Jace looks at the kid, turns to look at me, and shouts, “Mommy!  You got him!  Yay, Mommy!”  Ha!

Some more pictures.  Jace collecting pencils for his Halloween Party (which apparently is something that needs to happen!).  Luke standing by the table.  Watching construction vehicles at the park.  Luke on the swings.  Playing in the sandbox.  And my three guys sitting on the back deck!

Luke has started to do the scrunchy nose face, just like Jace used to do!  Here’s a video.

Scrunchy Nose – video (4 seconds long)

Lastly, today was the 1 Mile Walk/Fall Festival.  We went to the 1 Mile Walk first.  A lot of the kids from Jace’s preschool were there (it’s a fundraiser for their program).  Jace wasn’t too excited about being in with the mix, but he was happy to walk the entire mile.  He got a medal and a granola bar at the end.  Luke was warm and cozy in the Ergo.

After the walk, we played on the playground a bit (Jace was loving the swings), then headed across the field to the Fall Festival.  We made trail mix, rode a tractor to pick out a pumpkin, sampled some soups and stews, ate some cotton candy, and saw some friends.  Jace ate three hot dogs.  He ate his third hot dog on the merry-go-round.  He’d have a bite, then spin in a circle, then have another bite when he got back to Adam.  He thought it was hilarious!  It was a fun fall day!


2 thoughts on “Hiding in the Clothes and a Scrunchy Nose

  1. Ok. I feel like I need waaaaaay more details about the shaving cream kitchen, and hide and seek. Sooooo intrigued!!
    Love this post title- this one is particularly enticing.
    And your town has so many fun events! Seriously!

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