Ears and Pumpkins

Two kids, four ears, and three ear infections.  Owie!  But neither kid seems too bothered by it – they’re still happy and energetic!  I do think Luke is teething again.  He will bite anything he can get his hands on.  Jace thinks it’s hilarious!

After the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, I asked Jace what he wanted to do.  His answer?  Play with the farm!  So we’ve been playing with the farm.  A lot.  Luke’s into it too.  Plus, Jace likes to have the baby animals go to pretend preschool in the barn now!

Another fun week.  Playing with toys.  Playing chase with Jace’s cheetah mask.  Riding in the shopping cart at Sam’s Club (it’s so nice that they can both ride in the cart now – plus, on Fridays they have a “snack train” that goes around and gives fun make-your-own dessert snacks for kids!).  Luke likes the new magnet board too – he’ll stand at the board and pull each letter down, one-by-one.  Jace did some painting.  Luke’s tried some new foods.  Jace got a Ninja Turtle shell (pre-Halloween!).  And today we played with friends at the dairy farm (and in the corn maze).

Jace really likes drawing on my white board.  He also likes when I take pictures of his drawings.  Here were my favorites from yesterday.  The first picture shows “an alien, I guess, because his nose is a eye”and a happy face.  The second picture is a doggie “with ears and with a long tail”.

Lastly, yesterday we went to a farm to pick some pumpkins, see the animals, and play in the corn.  It was gorgeous weather.  Jace tried to pick up every pumpkin we saw in the pumpkin patch.  He was very proud of how strong he is.

I got them to pose for a picture in the pumpkin patch.  I need to figure out how to edit pictures though.  Until then, here’s two pictures.  One with Luke smiling.  One with Jace smiling.  Adam smiled in both.  🙂


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