Active Batmans (Batmen?)

My guys!

Adam got the kids dressed the other day – and he dressed them like twins!  SO cute!  Of course I needed pictures.  But taking pictures of the two of them is tricky.  Here are several shots.  Jace would randomly turn around or make a face.  Luke would tip over or cry.  Luke started chewing on a thermometer.  Jace is mid-air in one picture.  Neither would smile.  Yeah, quality stuff.  🙂

As usual, it’s been a fun-filled week.  Luke is VERY excited about the whole standing/walking thing.  Adam was excited about the food at the Greek Festival (so good).  And Jace, oddly enough, was super excited about cleaning the bathrooms (I think he just liked the rubber gloves).

Monday was rainy, so we spent four hours at Crayola with friends.  Jace liked playing with the paint dryer, so he did a lot of water coloring.

The rest of the week has been hot and sunny, so we’ve spent most of our time at parks.  Jace is quite the daredevil – there’s not much on the playground that he can’t climb.  And Luke is starting to like the swings and standing/holding things.  We were headed to the firetruck park the other day for a family picnic (just the three of us!).  Our friends all called – individually – to see what we were doing.  And it ended up being a big group picnic!   I don’t blame everyone for wanting to join us – the park is awesome.

After the firetruck park, the three of us headed to the farm.  I thought we’d just buy stuff from the farm stand, but the tractor was there, and Jace was excited, sooooo, of course we ended up heading out to the orchard to pick our own apples.  It was fun!  I didn’t have the carrier for Luke, so I didn’t have a free hand to carry our box of apples.  But Jace showed off his strength and not only picked the apples for us, but also carried the box back to the tractor.  We had to sample our pick on the ride back.  Possibly the yummiest apples ever (HoneyCrisp!).

Random pictures from the week.  We built a “space rock” and Jace has been flying missions with it.  The thing falls apart almost instantly, so most of the missions are to the “repair shop” where Mommy Repairer and Baby Repairer fix things up for Space Rock Driver Jacen.  It’s a fun game.  It’s been HOT, so we’ve been playing with the water table.  Luke always ends up SOAKED.  Usually when I shower in the morning, I put Luke in the bouncer in the bathroom with me.  He doesn’t love that, so I tried the pack ‘n’ play.  He didn’t like that the first time I tried it, but the second time he was happy my entire shower.  I peeked out to see why, and Jace had pulled a chair up to the edge of the pack ‘n’ play and was entertaining Luke.  So sweet!  The next picture is from our walk to preschool this morning – the fire department was flushing the hydrants – all the kids were fascinated!  And then a picture from dinner sometime this week.  Jace LOVES feeding Luke.  Luke isn’t crazy about purees (but he likes finger food a little).  But we keep doing the purees because they both laugh so hard while Jace tries to feed Luke.

And here’s a picture from the park this morning.  They’re just so cute together!

And now some videos from the last week….

Luke is on the move!  Here’s a video of him CRAWLING.  He’s known how to do this for a few weeks, but this is the first time I’ve caught it on video.  He’s not very motivated to crawl – I don’t think he realizes how cool it will be.  For now, he’ll crawl a tiny bit, but he’d much rather stand….

And He’s Crawling! – video

Here are two videos of him taking steps with the walker.  The first one is a short video that shows a step or two.  The second one is a longer video, but the steps don’t start until halfway through.  He’s kinda more motivated to try and get his mouth on the handle of the walker than he is to actually walk anywhere, but that’s fine with me.  He’s happy when he’s standing.

Slow Steps – video

Bigger Steps – And Chewing – video

Here’s a video of Jace in his space rock – right before he heads to the repair shop.

Space Rock – Lift Off! – video

And here’s one of Jace “mowing” the “grass”.  He loves his mower.  It cracks me up how he pulls the “cord” to “start” the mower.  Notice how it takes him a zillion tries to get it started?  Yeah, well, he learned from watching me with the real mower.  Ha.  But I don’t run as fast as he does when I’m cutting the grass!

Quality Mower – video

Lastly, a short video of Jace pushing Luke on the swing.  Luke was loving it.  Happy kids!

Swings are Fun – video


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