Parks and Playing

The weather has been gorgeous lately!  The hot and humid weather broke and now we have nice almost-fallish weather.  Perfect for picnics and park dates!

We had a big group picnic at the firetruck park.  We played at a friends house.  We did a painting project (using apples instead of brushes!).  We had several low-key, improptu park meet ups.  We did a fall scavenger hunt with friends.  And yesterday we met up at the playground and the kids all played in the dirt.

Luke tried out the baby swings.  He hasn’t been a fan before, but this time he seemed to think it was okay.  He didn’t really want to swing much, but he liked sitting there – in the air! – and watching his big brother.

When we’re not out with friends or playing at the park, we still manage to keep busy….

We made a magnet board for Jace.  He developed this game – and I love it!

Magnet Board ABCs – video

The kids have figured out which days Jace has preschool.  They’re up by 6:30 every day we DON’T have preschool.  And they’re sound asleep on days we DO.  Sigh!  On the morning I took these pictures, I figured if I was loud getting myself ready, they’d wake up on their own.  Nope!  Every time I checked on them, they were in different positions – and still sound asleep.  At least they’re cute!

Luke is starting to like food (kinda – check out these expressions!).  And Jace definitely likes feeding him.

The kids are cute.

And they’re cute together.

Lastly, Luke is a master at standing (supported).  He loves it!  Which means he can now play with us in the sandbox and the water table.  He thinks splashing in the water table is hilarious.  And he can’t resist the urge to put handfuls of sand in his mouth.  Oops.  You just have to keep an eye on him because sometimes the toys are so exciting that he grabs them with two hands – and immediately tips over.  But it’s been really fun having him play WITH us on the back deck!


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