Pictures from the week before and the week after our trip to Baltimore.  Grandma and Grandpa were in town, so we did tons of fun stuff!

We went to two IronPigs games.  We had planned to go to the first game.  It was fun.  Jace had a great time using up his IronPiglet tickets in the KidZone.  He’s pretty decent with the wiffle ball bat!  Then, the IronPigs made the playoffs, so we got a chance to see another game!  There wasn’t much of a crowd – and it was reallllly hot and humid – so the mascots were really making the rounds trying to get people excited.  Jace is generally NOT a fan of mascots – but he likes the idea of FeRROUS and FeFe.  When we saw them at the game, he actually wanted to say hi!  He kept his distance, but he did give both of them high fives – happily.  Yay!  While meeting the mascots was fun, I think Jace liked the rally towel the best.  He had a great time swinging that thing around.  Luke wasn’t a fan of the humidity, but he powered through and made it all 9 innings – with a smile on his face.  🙂

Klein Dairy Farm is pretty close to our house.  It’s a fun place.  You can check out all the animals, play on the two playgrounds, and get fresh and creamy ice cream.  We took Grandma and Grandpa and had a great time.  So the next week we headed back again with Grandma and Grandpa – and Marian and Rod.  The ice cream was delish both times.

Another day, we went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo with Grandma, Marian, and our friends Maria and Daphne.  Jace and Daphne had a great time feeding the sheep!

We’ve completed two weeks (four days) of preschool and Jace really seems to enjoy it.  He’s a little shy at drop off, but the teachers say he does great.  And he’s all smiles when I pick him up.  I always try to get a glimpse of him after I drop him off, but you have to peer through this little tiny crack in the curtains – and I can only see Jace if he happens to be in a certain area of the room!  Anyways, the pictures show Jace’s daily schedule at school and one of the daily reports the teachers write on a white board outside the door each day.  The last picture is Jace’s cheetah mask!

We went pear picking!  The tractor ride was fun.  Appearantly (ha) pears only ripen after they’ve been picked.  So, the sampling we did in the orchard was okay, but not great.  But a few days after we picked the pears, they were sooooo yummy.

So, what did we do with all our fresh peaches and pears?  Made jam, of course!  My dad’s mom made really yummy jam.  My dad liked her Ambrosial Peach.  I liked the Paradise Pear.  We got a copy of the recipes and tried to replicate them – with varying degrees of success.  Pennsylvania cantaloupe are substantially larger and more flavorful than Colorado cantaloupe, I guess.  We ended up with Ambrosial Cantaloupe jam.  Oops.  So then we added another 24 peaches to try and make it more peach-y.  And then we had to add more of the other ingredients too.  Long story short, we now have approximately 500 ounces of various flavors of jam.  That’s not an exaggeration.  We have about 55 sealed 8 ounce jars of jam.  That’s a lot of jam.  To add to the excitement, we’re jam-making novices, so some of the jam set (yay) and some of it is more of a syrup….  I guess that makes a yummy pancake or ice cream topping?  Soooo, if anyone needs jam, we have a ridiculous amount!  At least the process was fun….  And the end result really is yummy!

A few random pictures from the weeks.  Marian and Rod brought really cute cookie cutters – so we made manly sugar cookies!  We played in the sandbox.  We walked to Weis (many, many times).  Lots of activity!

The day before my parents left, we went to Jacobsburg State Park.  It’s a great park, but it was a crazy humid day – and really hot – so we pretty much just sat on the bank of the river, sweating.  Luke thought it was okay.  Jace was excited to find little fish, worms (see the picture), and spiderwebs.  The next day, after Adam and I went on a brunch date!, we headed to the airport.  Jace led my parents on several laps through the airport – up the escalator, down the elevator.  The fun of the elevator/escalator helped combat the sadness of Grandma and Grandpa flying home.  It was another great visit!


One thought on “Pearadise!

  1. Everything looks like so much fun! From pears, to cookies,to preschool, to the dairy farm! Seriously!! You have so many fun adventures!

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