A few weekends ago, we went on a trip to Baltimore.  It was a fun-filled four day trip.  Here are the pictures (finally).

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to Hershey on Thursday.  Jace went on the trolley ride with Grandma and Grandpa (Luke napped in the car).  At the end of the trolley ride, each passenger gets a full-sized Hershey bar.  Jace was so excited!  Luke and I were waiting at the trolley stop, so we both got candy bars too.  Jace collected all the candy bars and happily carried all 5 full-sized candy bars around for most of the afternoon.  After the trolley, we saw a tiny bit of the 4D movie before Jace decided it was too loud and too scary (very understandable).  My dad made a candy bar while the rest of us rode the free ride with the singing cows.  We went to the chocolate tasting next.  At the tasting, you can “vote” for what words describe the chocolate you’re sampling.  The results appear on a screen for everyone to see after each sample.  Jace just liked the voting process.  I’m pretty sure he selected “blueberry”, “tobacco”, “coffee”, and “perfume” as the flavors that describe a Hershey bar.  Oops!  After the tasting, we had some dinner, wandered around, and rode the singing cow ride three more times.  Jace loved it!  A fun day.  And as an added bonus, both kids slept the drive from Hershey to Baltimore.

Friday was the first day of the Baltimore Comic Convention.  Jace’s favorite part of the convention – by far – was the escalator.  He and Grandma rode up and down.  And up and down.  And up and down.  And up and down….  We checked out some costumes, walked around the show a bit, explored the inner harbor, and had a picnic lunch.

That night, we went to the AQUARIUM!  It’s a great aquarium.  We saw the dolphin show!  The dolphin in the picture is named Bailey, which Jace thought was very fun.  Other highlights included touching a horseshoe crab, touching jelly fish, looking at the big aquarium (my favorite part!), and, of course, all the moving walkways/elevators/escalators/revolving doors.

Saturday was another day at the Comic Con.  The costumes were crazy!  The highlight for Saturday was riding the dragon paddle boat!!!!  Jace has a tendency to “say” whatever he’s doing/eating when you take his picture – so in the first shot he’s saying “paddle boat”!

After the paddle boats, we grabbed some ice cream at Chick-fil-A.  Jace had a total laughing fit.  Baby Luke was chewing on a spoon and it was cracking Jace up!

Sunday started off pretty slowly.  The kids were worn out from three days of fun!  Eventually we made it to the Comic Con – and then to the Orioles game!  After the game – and after the Comic Con wrapped up – we grabbed some dinner at Cracker Barrel (and Luke sat in a high chair!), then we headed home.  It was a fun weekend!


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