Eight Months!

Luke is EIGHT months old.  Time is flying by!  He is sooooo close to crawling.  The activity of choice today was standing.  He’s figured out how to pull himself up to a stand – and he loves it.  He likes to hold the table with one hand and play with toys with the other.  Sometimes he forgets to hold on and starts playing with toys with both hands – and tips over.  It’s very cute and he’s so proud of himself when he pulls himself back up.  He’s such a smiley and happy guy.  WONDERFUL!

2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months!

Today, Luke got his first haircut.  Adam was a little sick of people calling Luke a girl and talking to Jace about his “little sister”.  After the guys at the IronPigs game asked Adam if Luke was growing his hair out for Locks of Love, I agreed it was time for a haircut.  The pictures aren’t great, but he actually got quite a bit cut off (1.5 inches!) and he looks very cute.

Before pictures – hair on the sides reached to the bottom of his ear, hair in the back was loooong, and hair in the front touched his eyes when I didn’t have it pushed to the side.

After pictures – much shorter!  Not great pictures, I know, but he was so excited about standing that I forgot to focus on getting “after” pictures.  Anyways, he’s adorable and continues to be a wonderfully happy kid!


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