Jacen is a Preschooler!

Jace started preschool on Tuesday.  He did great!  We walked to the school together.  I hung out for about 5 minutes while he washed his hands and explored the room.  Then Jace discovered a toy barn.  He was quite happy to sit and play – he barely even commented when I told him I was leaving.  90 minutes later, the doors opened and Jace came running out, all smiles.  He showed me the picture he made and we headed home.  Since then, I’ve gotten some interesting stories about his time in school.  He has told me several times that his teachers didn’t bite him (which is good!).  He has only mentioned one time that I left him behind at preschool (soo sad!).  And he definitely knows that I was there to pick him up when his day was over.  Tomorrow is the first full day of preschool (3 hours).  He seems excited to go back.  I hope so.  More soon!

The PRESCHOOLER on his first day!


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