Picking Peaches!

The kids and I spent a great two weeks up in Alaska.  And I have some realllly cute pictures from our trip.  However, that’s gonna take me a while to post.  Rather than fall even further behind, I’m skipping the Alaska trip for now, and just posting about the days since we’ve been back in Pennsylvania.

Jace missed the animals.  When we got back, he was so excited that Claire would read books with him (cute).  Jace also missed our cars.  Over the past few days he has spent a lot of time “playing in the cars”.  I don’t quite get the fascination, but he sure has fun.  Luke is sooooooo close to crawling.  It’s awesome!  He pops up on his knees all the time now.  Sometimes he rocks.  Sometimes he does half a crawl.  Sometimes he just flops back onto his tummy.  But he’s close!

My mom is hanging out with us in Bethlehem this week – and Marian and Rod are in town too!  We walked to the deli for gelato, but Jace was so tired he couldn’t even stay awake for ice cream.  Turns out he was actually getting sick.  Poor guy.  Croup and an ear infection.  Poor guy.  We had one really rough night, but he’s been doing much better since then.  Luke definitely has a cold, but seems to be doing okay.  And it didn’t do anything to detract from their interest in playing trains with Grandma and Aunt Marian!

The next day we hung out at Marian and Rod’s campground.  And they have a POOL!  Jace went swimming with Grandma.  Such a fish.

Today we had a great time picking peaches!  We rode a tractor into the orchard.

We got some cute pictures.

There were peaches everywhere.  Jace loved that he could reach to pick them himself.

The whole area smelled delicious.  With Jace’s fast picking, we ended up with a lot of peaches pretty quickly.

We even tried for some family pictures.  I have a few where Jace looks great, but Luke isn’t looking.  Then I have a few where Luke looks great, but Jace isn’t looking.  Family pictures are tricky!  These are the best of the best.

After peach picking, we went to a fire station playground.  Very cool.  We had flavored honey (from the farm) as a snack.  A very fun morning with my smiley boys.  And tomorrow we’re going to attempt peach jam (because we have a LOT of peaches!).


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