We went to National Night Out.  I thought Jace would be excited about the fire truck and ambulance.  Turns out he just wanted to play on the slide and get free hot dogs!  We had a great time.  And Jace’s wrists are so skinny, he could slip the handcuffs, no problem!

We’ve had a lot of cake this week….  Weis had a half-price cake that we couldn’t resist, we got a cake for our anniversary, and we got an ice cream cake to share with Heather and Cara.  And of course, you can’t have cake without candles and singing – according to Jace.  He gets SO excited every time.  It’s fun.

We toured the Mack Truck museum with Heather and Cara – and saw Megatron!  The highlight was chasing each other over the benches in the movie theater, though.

We’ve been playing inside a lot since it’s been rainy or humid….  Jace likes to have a “train party” where he gathers up all the trains, Astronauts Casey and Bailey, and occasionally random other “friends”.  Then he gives everyone candy – usually tic tacs or mints.

This weekend was Adam’s company picnic – at IronPigs!  It was ridiculously humid, so we didn’t last long.  But Jace had fun on the playground, ate a bunch of hot dogs, and Luke chewed on some watermelon.

Jace, Luke, and I went to the mall for a quick errand.  I turned around for two seconds and when I glanced back, Jace was trying on hats.  He was laughing sooo hard.  He wanted to stay and play “cowboy”, but was happy to leave when I promised we’d play on the elevator and escalator.  Which we did.  For 30 minutes.

We’ve had some fun play dates this week.  And I got a play date (movie night!) with my friends, too!

Saturday morning was the Kids Workshop at Home Depot.  Always fun, but this week was extra cool – a skateboard with a secret compartment for pencils…. or treasure!

Other pictures from the week….  Hanging out on the couch, Luke with edamame (well, he really just chewed on the shell), playing with the lantern, reading books, lunch at Moe’s (Luke wanted a bite!), and then Jace “helping” with laundry.  So helpful!




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