Sunshine and Rain

SUNSHINE!  We went to the park the other day.  It was really too hot to be at the park, so no one else was out.  The kids had fun.  And I took too many pictures.

Luke laying down.

Luke sitting up – ON HIS OWN!

Jace on the playground.

Both kids.  It’s tricky….

RAIN!  The heatwave broke with some rainy weather.  And it rained and rained and rained.  And rained.  Eventually, we had to get out of the house anyways, so we headed to Weis.  I couldn’t find a second umbrella, so I grabbed the big shade umbrella from the sand table.  Worked great!  So, with umbrellas in hand, we headed to Weis.  And we jumped in every puddle along the way.

When we made it home from Weis, we realized our feet were pretty muddy from all the puddle jumping.  The solution?  Get out the hose, of course!  It didn’t take long for Jace  to abandon his umbrella in favor of the hose.  And “rinsing off his boot” quickly became “filling his boot with water, then running around splashing”.  He laughed the whole time.  Eventually, he ditched the puddle boots all together, picked up the umbrella again, and ran around barefoot.  I’m glad it was so warm out.  So much fun!

Adam came home while we were playing outside (Luke had fallen asleep).  Adam might have thought we were crazy, but he agreed to take our picture.  We had a *great* time!  🙂
IMG_6116 (3)


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