Cuties on the Couch

Jace and Luke are so cute together!

They LAUGH together all the time (well, when they’re not crying – ha).  Jace can usually make Luke smile.  And Luke’s smile makes Jace laugh.  And Jace’s laugh makes Luke laugh.  And on and on.  Cute!

Jace likes to sing songs to Luke – with guitar playing.  It actually really calms Luke down!

They play with toys together.  They eat breakfast together.  Jace reads books to Luke – and shows off the pictures.  And he’s very encouraging when Luke attempts to get a knee underneath him to crawl (though Jace laughs pretty hard when Luke flops back down).  They’re occasionally both happy in the stroller at the same time (usually Luke demands the front carrier).  And Jace always hugs Luke when he wakes up from a nap!

Luke is flying through the clothing sizes lately, so we got out the next bin of clothing.  And discovered two winter hats.  Jace was so excited that they had matching hats!

And now, some of my favorite pictures of the week.  Jace is starting to like TV.  A little, tiny bit.  He likes to watch Nature Cat and sometimes even stays focused for the entire 22 minutes.  The other day, he wanted Baby Luke to watch Nature Cat, too.  SO CUTE!



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