Jace and Luke

Pictures of Jace from the past week….

Jace likes exploring.  The picture on the right is the “Wungle” (Weis Jungle).

Pictures from recent playdates….  We walked to the farm with Jack – and there was a backhoe moving dirt!  We made salt dough necklaces with Ella (no pictures).  Today we all played at Daphne’s house.  The kids sat in chairs backwards (with their feet through the backs), then ran around “wearing” the chairs.  They all found it hilarious.

Injuries….  Jace wiped out on a walk home from Weis and skinned both knees.  He slept on the edge of his bed one night and woke up with a huge dent in his forehead (that took almost 24 hours to go away).  And yesterday, Cuervo was trying to shake hands and got too enthusiastic.  He scratched Jace from the eyebrow to mid-cheek.  I’m so glad his eye is okay!  Though my plan of taking the kids in for pictures tomorrow is gonna have to be rescheduled.

And some random pictures….  Washing dishes.  Sound asleep.  The artist at work.  Facetime-ing with Auntie Mel and seeing a garbage truck (!!!!) and then showing off his learning puppy stuffed animal during the same call.  Ice skating (yup, still loving the paper plate ice skates).  Snack time on the couch.  A ridiculously oversized box from Walmart – that came with a TON of those air pocket mailer things – Jace had a great time.  Then we decorated the box with stickers and markers.  Then we hid in the box.  Jace found the hardhats Adam and I got as freshmen at Mines – he likes to wear it and pretend to be a  “builder”.  And lastly, fishing on the driveway!

And pictures of Luke from the past week….

Zonked out in the infant carrier while he did some shopping with Daddy.  Hanging out in the jumper (how are you supposed to keep the kid away from the doorframes?!).  Playing with me.  And playing with toys.

Hanging out in the bumbo (so happy!).  Happy on the tummy time mat.  Hanging out in the bouncer.  Asleep in the bouncer (sometimes when we finish a walk, I can transfer him from the front carrier to the bouncer and he actually stays asleep for a few minutes!).  And a picture of his latest trick – escaping the bouncer!

Wearing Daddy’s size 13 tiger slippers (Jace thought this was sooooo funny!).  And thinking about crawling!

Pictures of the happiest baby ever.  In the high chair – he doesn’t like food yet (purees, finger food, fruits, veggies, grains, nothing!), but he’s happy to hang out with us at dinner.  And first thing in the morning – I’m not always thrilled with such an early wake up time, but just look at that cute face!  You can’t help but be happy waking up to that smile!


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