Playing, Salsa, Baths, and More

The weather has been hot and humid.  We moved the water table up to the deck – which was a good decision.  It’s been fun!  Jace likes to use the water blasters to make “water snakes” off the deck.

Luke is great at hanging out right inside the doorway.  He is so smiley!

Action shot of the diver.

We’ve made two batches of salsa this year – over 15 pints!  It’s fun.  We used tomatoes and peppers from our garden.  Also included a picture of a squirrel eating a tomato he stole from our garden and a picture of our tiny flower garden.

Jace and Daddy (and Luke) made funny faces at the camera while I was working….

We went to a dairy farm with some friends.  The kids all got ice cream.  The other kids gave up halfway through their dishes, but Jace powered through and ate it all.  And required several napkins when he was done (chocolate to both elbows)!  Oh – and pretended to take a nap on the dash of the car when we got home.

Luke loves the duck tub.  And Jace loves hanging out with Baby Luke during bath!

I don’t think they look anything alike….  ‘Course Jace wasn’t smiling yet at this age and Luke wouldn’t put the toys down long enough for a picture, so it’s not a great comparison.

Trains are a popular toy lately.  Jace has even picked out special trains for Baby Luke to chew on….  And when Luke gets one of Jace’s trains, Jace is very calm and switches it out for a “chew train”.  They play so well together!


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