Pictures, Videos, and Laughing

Lots of pictures from the past week.  And videos too.

Here’s my favorite movie of the week.

Luke Laughing in the High Chair – video

Luke isn’t crazy about food yet – but he sure likes chewing on things.

Jace likes to sing to Luke.

Twinkle, Twinkle – video

Itsy, Bitsy Spider – video

Jace finds Luke HILARIOUS.  Luke rolled his way to the edge of the bed skirt.  He kept shifting his head underneath the bed – and Jace would laugh and laugh.

Luke and the Bed Skirt – video

Laughing together is a pretty common event.  It’s awesome!

Laughing and Playing – video

We had a fun outdoor playdate with all of Jace’s friends.

Mini Roller Coaster – video

Jace and Luke are still cute and cuddly in the mornings – though I liked when “morning” was 10am instead of this 6am stuff they’re trying out lately….

Our friend upgraded to wooden train tracks and gave us all of their plastic tracks.  We’ve been having fun!

With the tracks, we got some trains and four “treasure chests”.  They’re filled with crabs, fish, and…. spaghetti?  I don’t quite get it, but I do like how Jace says “spaghetti”.

“Spaghetti” – video

Since the kitties clawed Jace’s old duck tub, we bought a brand new duck tub for Luke.  He loves it.  It’s fun, but side-by-side baths are a splashy mess!

Jace and Cara played the other day – and proved they would be horrible dog walkers!  They had soooo much fun spinning in circles with their “dogs” on “leashes”.

We met Adam for lunch at Zoup this week.  Luke is very grabby lately.  He kept snatching the paper off the table and Jace would steal it back and set it down.  And repeat.  And repeat.  They were both laughing.  After lunch, Luke fell asleep in the car so we headed to Rita’s for some ice!

We went bowling again.  I have almost zero pictures of the actual bowling because ordering food (at the bar!) and “playing” the arcade games (without tokens) were by far the highlights of the outing.  Jace liked the motorcycle game so much – enough to leave his hot dog untouched on the table while he continued to play on the games!

Random pictures from the week….  Playing in the Wungle (Weis-jungle, the trees by Weis).  Space Rock.  Jace “washing” his “house”.  Balance bike.  Luke’s new toy.  Jace being a penguin (so cute!).

Both kids on the shopping cart at Target.  Jace’s “riding lawnmower” (hahaha).  Luke’s new teething necklace.  Jace and Luke laughing together.  Luke with a handful of kitty fur – those cats are in trouble when he starts crawling!  Luke sleeping with a teether in his mouth (poor Luke!).  Jace with his blueberries on his couch watching Nature Cat.  Jace in the kennel.

Sandbox time on the deck.  Our attempt at a fort.  The bubble mower in action.  Luke asleep in the bouncer – he was asleep in the carrier and I set him down in the bouncer and he stayed asleep!  Jace and I kicking up our feet on the deck while Luke napped.  Chaos at the bank (3 adults, 6 kids, lots of laughter).  Jace and Baby Max dressed as twins at a playdate.  Luke smiling (like always!) at a playdate.  And a goodnight hug.


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