Exciting Social Calendar

Jace and Luke love each other.

I finally (why did I not do this sooner?) got out some books for Luke.  He likes looking at baby faces!  I threw leftover birdseed out the kitchen window after Jace and I made treats for the birds and apparently I threw it into the garden – and two sunflowers grew!  One opened and the other looks like it will soon.  So pretty!  Jace LOVES to water the garden.  And the driveway.  Daily.  🙂

Luke tried sweet potatoes.  He was not a fan.  Jace helped with the spoon (airplane sounds and everything).  I’m thinking we might try watermelon next.  Luke is teething, so I think he’d like something cold and yummy to bite.  We’ll see….

Jace has quite the social calendar.  We played at Daphne’s house on Monday – she got a new sandbox and a new (huge) swing set!  Very fun.

We celebrated Cow Appreciation Day on Tuesday with Cara.  Yummy free Chick fil A!

And today we went swimming at Ella’s grandma’s house.  We had a GREAT time.  The pool was really fun.  Jace is so comfortable in the water!  We wrapped up the afternoon with snow cones.  Fun day!


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