Happy Half Birthday, Luke!

Luke is SIX MONTHS OLD today.  This has been a quick six months!  Luke is wonderful.  He’s so much fun.  He’s happy and cuddly and smiley and sweet.  He isn’t crazy about the heat, but he loves to be outside.  He is interested in everything.  He watches things intently.  He makes great eye contact and he laughs often (especially with Jace!).  Luke rolls from tummy to back (when he feels like it) and from back to tummy (constantly!).  He’s got great head control.  He’s working on sitting up, but he’s great at standing if you hold his hands.  He chews on everything, but we haven’t seen any teeth yet.  Luke has gotten pretty active – he doesn’t get his knees underneath himself yet, but he wiggles and scoots when he wants to reach a toy.  It’s so much fun watching him learn new things.  Every day involves lots of smiles and very few tears.  Luke is wonderful!

1 to 6 months….

Six Months Old!


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