A Day Out with Thomas – and Bowling!

Random pictures – Luke’s bath in the tub (with Jace’s help, of course), the last day of Jace’s Lil Athletes sports class, Luke being all smiley in the morning, and a wall of pillows to keep Luke from inching off the bed.

On Friday, the kids and I went to A Day Out with Thomas!  Jace was SO excited to see “real Thomas”.  Jace posed for pictures, got a tattoo, did spin art, played with stamps, looked at a ton of toy trains and electric trains, checked out the train tracks, and …. MET THOMAS!

After watching Thomas for a while, Jace was ready to get on the train.  And so we did.  It was a 25 minute ride to a picnic grove.  The picnic grove was really just a bunch of picnic tables near a cornfield.  It was over 90F and over 60% humidity.  So. Dang. Hot.  The train dropped us off and told us they’d be back in 1 hour.  We decided spending an hour in the cornfield sounded horrible, so we turned around and got right back on the train!  Jace had a good time crawling around, exploring the second story of the train cars, and looking out the train window.  He also had a lot of snacks!  Luke hated the ride out (too hot), but did okay with the ride back to the station.  We made almost constant use of the mister water bottle.  Luke liked it!

When we got back to the station, Jace wanted to stand and talk to Thomas some more.  For whatever reason, the other kids weren’t interested in hanging around Thomas.  Which worked out great for us!  Eventually, Thomas was ready to take some other passengers for their train ride.  As Thomas pulls out of the station, he talks.  Jace was soooo excited.  He kept telling me how Thomas talked just to him and how we waited so Thomas would see us and talk.  Definitely the highlight.

With Thomas out on the tracks, Jace was finally ready to head back to the car.  He helped push the stroller the 5 blocks.  We made it back to the car and decided to picnic with the a/c on.  Luke was asleep, so we propped him up in the front seat to help him cool off.  About 5 minutes after getting to the car, it started to rain.  Our timing was great!  After a very long picnic, we headed home.  Luke fell asleep again.  Jace talked most of the ride, then got quiet.  And fell asleep!  I had to take a picture because otherwise no one would believe I had both kids asleep – during the day – at the same time!

Today we went bowling!  Adam was at a comic con in New Jersey, so we met up with our friends Cassie and Jack at the bowling alley.  It was the first time bowling for the boys.  They did great for 7 frames, then kinda lost interest.  Jace was pretty excited about the arcade games (and we didn’t even have to put in any coins!).  He liked pretending to drive the car and he liked using the guns (he thought they were hoses) to put out fires.  He loves pretending to be a firefighter.  We spent a long time at the bowling alley and eventually got through 17 frames.  The boys had no interest in finishing out the game, so we left.  They had a great time sliding down the hill outside the bowling alley though!  The green plastic “dragon tail” ball ramps definitely helped give the balls enough speed that the game didn’t take forever.  It’s impressive how slowly a toddler can roll a bowling ball down the lanes.  Overall, bowling was a success!


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