The Fourth and The Fair

I don’t have time to post.  But I have so many pictures.  And I’m hoping tomorrow is going to be a super fun (and picture-intensive) day, so here we go….

Luke’s naps in the swings are non-existant now.  Sometimes he naps on our bed, which works fairly well.  The other day Jace wanted him to nap in the Thomas bed.  Jace read him a book until he fell asleep.  Super cute.

Jace has been “mowing” the playroom a lot lately.  Luke loves the freedom of the GoPod (and the wind in his hair!).  Jace loves his sandbox, finding treasure, and playing school bus.  Jace also loves playing in our cars – he plays in Daddy’s car when Adam gets home from work and plays in my car any chance he gets (note the acrobatics).  Luke has found his reflection – and always gets a smile.

Luke has been practicing sitting up.  With varying degrees of success!

Doctor Jace keeps everyone healthy.

The 4th of July!  We attempted to wear red, white and blue.

We ate fun foods and drinks.

And we had fun playing with our friends.  Jace and Jack flew through 100 water balloons, played with bubbles and glow sticks, ran around the yard, entertained Baby Luke, caught fireflies, and played with Jack’s car (Jack is too scared to drive, but Jace LOVED it and drove like a maniac – throwing it in reverse, turning, crashing off the road, and laughing maniacally the whole time).

We did some fireworks, but not very many because Luke wasn’t a huge fan.  At all.

It’s cute to see how much Jace and Jack grew over the last year (2015, 2016)!

The Fair!  I decided we should get out of the house.  And rather than walk to our same parks, I decided we should head to the Kutztown Folk Fair, 40 minutes away, all by ourselves.  NOT my best idea.  It was 95F.  It was insanely humid.  It was bright and sunny.  And I needed extra hands.  I didn’t bring the stroller, but it was too hot for Luke in the carrier.  So I carried him in my arms – along with the diaper bag, our lunch, a picnic blanket, and a zillion other things.  We had to park in overflow parking, which seemed like a bummer but turned out to be awesome…. because the shuttle to the fair was a SCHOOL BUS!  Jace has been asking to ride on a school bus for months now.  And we did!  He was so excited.  The fair was cool, though we didn’t get to look at many of the booths.  We checked out tractors (there were over 30), walked through the “cooling hut” (constant mist!), watched the hoe down from our blanket while we snacked, used our mister bottle almost continuously, watched a puppet show, and ate fun fair food.  We also rode the “carousel”.  I’d told Jace there was a carousel.  I didn’t realize it was an old-fashioned carousel – swinging benches that are pulled by a horse!

The second best part of the fair was the petting zoo.  Jace had a great time petting and feeding the animals.  We bought multiple cones of feed!  And then, the best part of the day, the bus ride back to our car!  Exhausting day, but I think Jace had a good time, which was the goal.  Plus, Luke slept both ways in the car, so I think he had an okay time, too!


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