Sandbox, Space Rock, and Spoons

We had some friends over for a play date.  And boy did these boys play!  It was great.  They’re twins, so they’re used to sharing (or “fighting for what they want”, according to their mom).  In any case, it was a great play date because everyone got along.  No fights over toys is a big deal.  Yay!  The highlights of the play date were definitely Hungry Hungry Hippos (which they played repeatedly and I think they all used a different set of rules), the sandbox (obviously), and popsicles (yay!).

After the play date, Jace asked for another popsicle.  We were out.  His solution?  An immediate emergency trip to Weis on the trike.  We triked home “super fast” so the popsicles wouldn’t melt.  Then Jace “rescued” some toys from a block of ice (there’s a super easy and entertaining activity!), played some Space Rock, and did some tummy time with Luke on my new picnic blanket.

Our evening consisted of playing with the mirror, hopping down the hallways in the toy basket, and spinning around and around and around in the chair.  Exciting night!

Luke is 18lbs 12oz now.  So big!  He’s getting close to the 6 month mark, so we got the highchair out of the storage room.  He thought it was okay….

Yesterday we headed to Monocacy for a picnic lunch.  We made it about 100 yards from the car before we needed to stop for our first snack.  After that, we chased bugs, held bugs, attempted to kiss bugs (we had a conversation about that one), and threw sticks into the water.  I kept suggesting we stop for our picnic.  Jace kept suggesting we eat while we explored.  And so we did.

We finally headed back to our car.  We parked right by the duck hangout, but when we got back there weren’t any ducks.  Jace ran down to the beach to check.  The ducks saw him and came right over.  All of them.  It was kinda cool.  And then it got kinda intense.  And Jace kept holding the bread out to the ducks instead of tossing it.  And the ducks got closer and closer and closer.  Until finally I suggested he dump all the bread on the ground and we hurried to the car.  Jace loves playing in the car, so it was an easy sell.

Next, it was time for sports class.  This week was basketball.  Stretching went well, then they lined the kids up (which also went well!) and asked them to dribble the balls (and that did not go well!).  But Jace had fun.  And there’s only one week left.  After class we played at the park, played in the play house, and…. Jace picked the first tomato of the summer (and the second, third, and fourth)!

Today I accidentally referred to Jace as Astronaut Jace.  He informed me that Casey and Bailey are the astronauts, not him.  I asked what he was.  He was confused for a second, then decided HE was the Space Rock.  I then had to help him get the astronauts “on board” and he flew them to outer space.  Eventually he decided he was “just Jacen” again.

Baby Luke likes to eat everything lately, so we thought we’d try giving him something edible.  Jace had to be involved of course.  Luke wasn’t too sure about the milk slushie we attempted to give him.  But he did love the spoon!

And that’s all that’s new and exciting in our world right now!


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