More Birthday Candles – and Cake!

Jace was almost as excited for my birthday as he was for his own!  We started the day off with cupcakes for breakfast (I mean, they were dropped off at breakfast time, so we figured they needed to be eaten) and then we had the excellent timing of being outside while the recycling truck went by.  Pretty good start to the day!

Luke and Jace hung out in the crib (Luke likes when Jace jumps and bounces him), then we headed out for the last day of strawberry picking – though given the tiny amount of strawberries we picked this time, it was pretty clear we were just there for the tractor rides.

After dinner, it was time for cake and presents!  Jace was soooo excited (I was too)!  He sang Happy Birthday to me many, many, many times.  He “helped” me blow out the candles (multiple times, ’cause it’s the best part).  When I started to cut the cake, he took the knife from me and announced, “Leave it to me, I’m an expert at cutting cake!”  And then, he “helped” me open all of my presents.  It was wonderful, I got lots of fun and exciting stuff, and I had a great evening with my family!

And a video.  I think Jace sang a mini mash-up between Happy Birthday and Skidamarink.  I loved it.

Happy Birthday to Mommy – video



One thought on “More Birthday Candles – and Cake!

  1. Happy late birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! I love you tons and I’m sorry there was no card this year. I’m working way, way too many hours at my awesome new job, but we eat dinner at 9 p.m. and I get up and leave the house by 8 to work a 12-hour day sometimes. But I love you, and your family is adorable and wonderful! xoxoxoxo wal

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