I have happy kids.  It’s pretty great.

A plastic bag apparently IS a toy, Luke on the tummy time mat, brothers hanging out together,  and playing at the park.

The adventures of Astronauts Bailey and Casey.  Sometime a scooter is a better option than a Space Rock.  Though Astronaut Casey kept falling over (and getting scolded!).

It rained.  We tried to play in the sandbox anyways.  It worked for a little while, but then the wind picked up and we were getting wet.  We hid under the umbrella, listening to the rain, for a little bit.  Then we came inside and both kids watched the rain through the windows.

Sports class focused on t-ball this week!  Hurray!  Jace was excited.  Things went much better this week (no hockey sticks to swing – thank goodness).  The highlight was still playing on the swings with Jack after class….

Finding “golden coins” in the sandbox, the magical toy that keeps Luke happy(ish) in the car (sometimes), Luke STANDING (it doesn’t last long, but if you help him up, he grabs onto the play table and hits at things for 30 seconds or so before sitting back down!), and Jace playing musical cars with his toes….

We spend so much time on our back deck.  Love it.  Jace was fascinated by his blue tongue (he took the last picture himself).

The play house is now an “elevator”.

Jace discovered my toothbrush.  He used it to “clean” things.  Like the sheets, my pillow, his teeth, and his toes.  He thought it was hilarious when he tucked it against his neck.  I, on the other hand, was pretty focused on finding a new toothbrush head.

Jace likes to “ride” his balance bike.  I can’t figure out how to teach him to use it correctly.  He mostly just sits on the seat and walks around – no gliding yet.  We’ll get there.  Jace loves to pretend to be “Baby Jace”.  He tells me the funniest things when he’s being a baby.  He’ll explain to me that he doesn’t have any teeth so he can’t have lunch or tell me that he needs to be carried because he’s too little to walk.  Today he kept sitting in Luke’s bumbo chair.  Then he took a picture of Luke in the bumbo chair (up close!).

Then he wanted to sit in the bumbo chair WITH Luke.

Lastly, my favorite picture of the day.  I love when they interact with each other.  They were laughing so hard together!!!!


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