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Stephanie came to visit!  Jace called her Staphne the entire trip.  It rhymes with his friend Daphne’s name.  No matter what you call her, we had a GREAT time with Staphne.  As per usual when we have visitors, it’s been a while since I posted and I have a ton of pictures.  So, here we go!

A few pics from before her visit – Luke smiling, Jace using our new lawn mower (“all be on mine own”), the new fort kit Jace got for his birthday, and foam in the sandbox.

Pictures from a playdate with Cara (Luke was being extra cute).

Stephanie’s first day was a bit cold and rainy.  Cuervo hid out in the fort and the rest of us headed for Crayola.  We stopped at Frozenlandia before hand so Steph could get some coffee.  Frozenlandia is right next door to Crayola and I’ve always wanted to go in – turns out it’s so awesome that we skipped Crayola in favor of playing at Frozenlandia – lunch, play area, and ice cream – yay!

It cleared up that afternoon, so we walked over to Sports Class.  The sport this week was floor hockey.  Who in the world thought it was a good idea to give 3 year olds hockey sticks?  Jace and Jack were a disaster – they had Steph, Cassie, and I laughing so hard!  Finally, Cassie and I decided they were being so disruptive that we needed to just leave.  The boys loved that decision, so we headed for the playground.  It’s amazing seeing the different ability levels between the 3 year olds in the class and the 4.5/5 year olds.  Wow.

The next day we headed to the farm to pick strawberries and peas.  We also played in the sandbox while Luke hung out on the deck.

Luke showed off his ability to hold both his feet at the same time.

And Jace and Steph played with water in the backyard.  Water rocket, water rocket with umbrella (!), water table, play house (with or without Cuervo), and putting out pretend fires with the water blasters.

Putting Out “Fires” – video

Playing with Luke – video

The next day we walked to a park we hadn’t been to in a while.  We got there and one of the ride on/spring toys was broken and covered with a cone.  Jace was excited.  He calls those cones “danger cones” and was so excited to get to RIDE a danger cone!  The see-saw and monkey bars were also big hits.

Monkey Bars with Staphne – video

Here’s a picture of Jace and Luke playing together.  And a picture of Jace picking strawberries (yeah, we had to go back again because we had big plans for strawberry shortcake – and Jace ate all of our strawberries (over a pound!)).

Our Father’s Day festivities were pretty good.  Jace was soooo excited to open all of Adam’s presents.  And read all of Adam’s cards (which was quite adorable).  Then we headed to an IronPigs game.  We needed to mow the front lawn – since it was Father’s Day, Jace helped the whole time.

Monday started slow – both kids played in the “space rock” we built with the fort kit, Luke napped, and Jace “ice skated” with the cover to the swiffer mop thing (that mop has never been used for cleaning, but Jace plays with it all the time).  Eventually, we got packed up and headed for Jacobsburg State Park.

Jacobsburg State Park was AWESOME!  We started out with a hike (on a “nature trail”).  It was a pretty serious hike – about a mile long, but some rough terrain and pretty steep – it even included a river crossing!  Jace love it.  He was excited about being in the forest, he warned me every time we’d come to a tree stump in the trail or a big step, and he decided he is a very good “water walker” when we crossed the river (fourth picture is just on the other side of the river after our crossing – you can see the river behind Jace).

We found a picnic spot and spent a while eating lunch and splashing in the water.  Luke was pretty happy in his GoPod, which was great.

The next day we had to take Staphne to the airport.  Sad!  After we dropped her off, we picked some more peas (it’s a short season, we have to capitalize! – and Jace brought his book so he could tell the pea plants about the space rock), played a lot of space rock, Jace and Luke played with the crane toy, and we did some sandbox/deck time.  I love when Jace and Luke play together!

Which brings us to today!  Today was the IronPiglet’s “Catch with a Mascot” event.  We showed up, but didn’t make it to the field.  Jace was pretty worried the giant hot dog would try to talk to him again.  So we hung out in the stands, then watched the trash truck go by….  It was great weather, so I guess it was a decent way to spend the morning.  We spent the afternoon playing in the sandbox.

Got a few cute pictures of Adam and his boys….

And a few pictures (and a video!) of Jace and Luke laughing together.  I love, love, love their interactions.  Jace routinely tells Baby Luke that he’s the best brother in the whole world, and Luke always has a smile for his big brother Jace!

Laughing Together – video


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  1. I had soooo much fun with you all! I think the monkey bars video is my favorite, but I love Jace’s “siren” in the fire video, too! So many laughs and fun times! I can’t wait to visit again!

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