Strawberries, Peas, and IronPigs

I love morning time.  The kids are so cute and smiley and cuddly!

Jace continues to be obsessed with things that fly – namely spaceships and helicopters.  His current favorite right now is his “rescue helicopter” which works in conjunction with the firetrucks to pull off some epic rescues.

Jace also likes playing “IronPigs”.  There is a Father/Son game of catch on the field on Father’s Day, so we’ve been practicing!

On Saturday, we took Adam to the farm to do some strawberry picking, pea picking, and tractor riding.  Always fun.

Then it was time for more rescue helicopter, dinner, and strawberry shortcake for dessert (of course our little British boy was most excited about the “creme”)!

On Sunday we headed to the IronPigs.  Jace had fun on the playground and eating ice cream.  And Luke was all smiles.  So dang cute!  On Sundays, kids get to run the bases after the game.  Luke fell asleep in my arms while we were waiting, so he napped around the bases.  Jace wouldn’t run, so he strolled around the bases.  Still fun to be on the field.

Yesterday we played at the house, met a friend at the park, and went to Weis.  Jace pedaled our groceries all the way home for us.  We finished our strawberries, so I’m hoping I can convince Jace to go pick some more this afternoon!


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