Strawberries and Peas!

It’s strawberry and pea picking season!  The first day of the season was Tuesday, so Jace, Luke, and I headed to the farm.  We had a great time!  We had to hide out inside for a little bit while a thunderstorm passed by, but the entire storm only amounted to a 15 minute interruption in our “harvest”.  Plus, it meant we got extra rides to/from the field on the tractor – which is, of course, one of the best parts of picking!  Jace kept a very focused eye on our produce on the tractor ride back to the barn.  Then we sat in the car and ate almost everything we had picked!

Luke is very interested in two things lately – toys and his toes.  His hands (and mouth!) are almost never empty.

Jace has discovered that he likes playing with older kids.  We had some friends over on Wednesday and Jace loved playing with Natalie (4.5 years old).  It was fun to watch them interact.  Natalie had a whole plan for what they were doing – Jace needed to go fishing for food for the party she was planning, then they dressed up for the party and walked around to invite people, then they provided the entertainment for the party – it was a whole event!  Jace was excited to go along with all of it.  Though he did insist on a short break to play “chomping lizards” (Hungry, Hungry Hippos).

Luke, meanwhile, was very happy in his new (to him) exersaucer!

After our playdate, we played in the sandbox (between rain showers).

But the favorite activity of the week seems to be …. SPACE ROCK ADVENTURES!

Today we went to Monocacy Park.  The weather was a little cool, but it was perfect for a nature walk.  We even did a color search – where we had to find eight different colors as part of a scavenger hunt (very fun).

We had a picnic snack and both kids were super happy and cuddly.  Becky tried to take a picture and, after 10 minutes of happy cuddling, as she took the picture, Luke clawed Jac’e face.  Sigh!  He got him pretty good too, so I don’t blame Jace for crying.  So here’s our happy family picture from the park.

Our friends all headed home for naps, so I figured we’d be heading home too.  Nope!  Jace was loving “the duck pond” and wanted to stay.  So we stayed.  And stayed and stayed and stayed.  We threw rocks, looked at ducks, had another mini-picnic, Luke napped again, we played in the car, we went for a walk, and we did some exploring.  2.5 hours later, we had to head home for Jace’s sports class!

This week the class focused on flag football.  Would have been a better class if the instructors had told the kids what “flags” are.  After stretching, the kids basically ran in circles taking turns holding a football, while wearing flags.  Oh well, at least it was active – and Jace was happy to play this week!

After class, we played at the park for a long time.  I set Luke in the swing to free up my hands when I needed to lift Jace into/out of the swings.  Jace loved it.  Luke did not.  Maybe in a few months!  Eventually it was time to leave the park.  We’d played alllll day so I had nothing planned for dinner.  Oops!  So we walked to the Chinese restaurant near our house.  I took a picture of the three guys.  Jace likes to say “cheeeeeeeese” for pictures lately.  100% unprompted, when I tried to take the picture at the restaurant he smiled and said “egg drop souuuuuup”!

And that covers our adventures thus far this week!


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