The Haircut…. Sigh….

It’s been a week of making Jace do things he doesn’t want to do.  It’s sad.  Going to the dentist?  Seemed necessary.  Using the potty?  Yeah, necessary.  Lil Athletes sports class?  Eh.  Haircut?  Shoulda skipped it.  After forcing him to do these things, he always tells me how brave he was and how much fun he had, but I dunno….  Definitely should have skipped the haircut….

Anyways!  Here are a few pictures from Lil Athletes.  We walked over and Jace didn’t want to get out of the stroller.  There are four kids in his class and another kid (Jace’s friend, Jack) was also refusing to participate.  Eventually they both got out there and seemed to have a decent time.  This week was soccer.  Next week is flag football.  We’ll see how it goes….

I finally got videos to upload, so here are a few from the past month.

Oooh Oooh Song – video
Jace likes to sing songs to Baby Luke when he’s fussy in the swing.  It works pretty well.  This was one involves the stuffed monkey as a prop.  It’s one of my favorite Jace Originals.

Brothers Hanging Out – vide0
I love watching them interact!

Luke has discovered toys.  He loves them!  He can see them and grab them and it makes him so happy.  And then sometimes he drops them.  Or moves his hand out of view.  And the tears are instant.  Big Brother Jacen is always quick to retrieve dropped toys.  He alternates between insisting on returning them to Luke’s hand and dropping them on Luke’s face.  Luke doesn’t seem to mind, either way.

Space Rock(et) is still a favorite game.  The first picture is the space rock preparing for lift off (notice the hula hoop moon in the background).  Next is an astronaut waiting to be picked up.  Last is the space rock coming in to pick up the astronaut.  No pictures after that because we were too busy exploring the North Pole on the moon.  I love his imagination!

School Bus as Space Rock(et) – video
Jace loves space.  And loves his school bus.  And everything has the potential to be a space rock(et)!

It’s been warm but windy/cloudy, so we’ve had a lot of sandbox time.

How to Make a Sand Castle – video
Here’s a video from when the sandbox first arrived (pre-sand) of Jace teaching me how to build a sand castle.  His first two lessons involved more talking, but I didn’t think to take a video until the third run.

Great Jace phrases that we hear a lot lately:

Welcome to Show! (He announces this before he does something he wants us to watch – like jump down the stairs or pretend to be a helicopter or sing a song).

That was amazing trick! (He proclaims most actions are amazing tricks – including tripping and falling – and he sometimes whimpers these words before bursting into tears when he gets hurt).

You’re no problem! (This is a combination of “you’re welcome” and “no problem” – but I’ve never heard either phrase independently – always the combo).

To the rescue! (We rescue things all day, every day.  It’s fun.  Sometimes we make the “whooh, whooh” sound for our sirens.  On our trip to Maine, we pulled into a Friendly’s for dinner and he shouted “To the restaurant!”).

Cheerio! (Have I mentioned that Jace is British?  He watches Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s LIttle Kingdom.  And he’s picked up a lot of fun speech patterns and words.  Lots of people have commented to us about his accent.  Flashlights are torches.  Windshields are windscreens.  Swimsuits are swimming costumes.  Vacations are holidays.  You don’t have a turn, you have a go.  It’s always “Ready, STEADY, Go!”  And now, when he’s saying goodbye, it’s “Cheerio!”  Add in the speech patterns/phrasing/timing, and it’s pretty funny!).

Saturday there was a party at Adam’s work.  The mine has been in operation for 100 years, so they celebrated.  Jace liked the big trucks.  And loved the ice cream.

They gave everyone who attended a gigantic stack of post-it notes – on a mini pallet.  Very cute.  I took a picture, turned to set them down, and Luke attempted to escape the swing.  He likes this position now….  His feet touch the ground and he can hang out on his tummy.

Jace and I played some more in the sandbox while Luke napped.  It started to rain, so our sand got pretty wet.  The little trucks had all kinds of rescue missions to save “people” from the rain.  Jace sure loves rescuing things!

And now the haircut.  Sigh.  We had such a productive day – did some returns, did some shopping, went to the bank and the post office – productive!  So while we were out, I figured we’d get a quick haircut.  We used to go see Wendy.  She was awesome.  Then she got fired.  So last time I took Jace for a haircut we used someone new.  And it was a disaster.  She barely cut his hair, it looked terrible, and Adam had to take him back in to have someone else re-do the haircut (which, if you know Adam, is a huge deal).  So we tried someone different this time.  She asked what I wanted.  I said a trim.  She asked what setting.  I said a 3 on the sides.  Jace was fussy and whimpering, I was carrying Luke and he was squirmy, and the girl was clippering really quickly.  So quickly, in fact, that she moved from the side of Jace’s head to the top without pausing.  She was halfway through her first pass when I noticed.  And yelped.  But it was too late then, of course.  Soooooo, Jace has almost no hair.  It’s awful.  He doesn’t care.  And he looks fine.  But I miss his hair!  So I paid for the haircut, got in the car, and cried the whole way home.  She cut 2″ of his hair.  He did need a haircut, but not 2″ off the top – maybe 0.5″.  The internet tells me hair grows 0.44 millimeters a day.  Three or more months for 1.5″?  Sad, sad, sad.  And I know it’s just hair.  And it’ll grow back.  And all that.  But it was such cute and soft hair.  And now it’s goneeeeeeeee.  I’m super sad.

I’m never taking Jace for a haircut again without written instructions from Adam.  And Luke isn’t getting his first haircut for ages.  But he’s pretty cute with long hair!
IMG_3053 (2)


One thought on “The Haircut…. Sigh….

  1. First of all, I like his new haircut. Perfect for summer! But he looks SO GROWN UP! And second, I love the videos! ALL of them. Jace is the sweetest big brother I’ve ever seen.

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