Exploring the State Park

It’s been a busy week.  Both kids had doctor’s appointments (4.5 month well visit and 3 year well visit – they’re both doing great) and Jace had a dentist appointment (both kids did a lot of crying during the appointment, but we walked out with a certificate that said “no cavities” AND a bouncy ball, so everyone left happy).

Lately, Jace really likes all things related to vehicles, rescues, and space.  Our favorite games are rescue helicopter (played with a stick), rescue crane (played with a mop), and space rock (where anything imaginable becomes a space rocket – see the dump truck standing on end in the third picture!).

We have had some great weather, so we’ve had a lot of fun play dates (which included all the kids in Daphne’s neighborhood chasing after a bunch of geese).

Jace helped me weed the garden with his new gardening attire.  And we planted sunflowers.

Jace and Luke are pretty cute together.  Jace really loves “my little brother Baby Luke”.

We’ve had some relaxing afternoons – special drinks on the back deck, more fun with the sandbox, watermelon for snack, and fishing in the tub.

Luke is liking tummy time more and more.  And is getting better at pushing himself up.  He rolls to his tummy all the time now!

Today we went to Jacobsburg State Park.  Such a cool place!  The kids had fun splashing in the water, digging in the dirt, and eating a potluck picnic.  Jace was excited to hike through a forest!  We were all exhausted by the time we got home.  And now it’s time for bed!



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