My Happy Birthday to Me Party!

Today was party day.  It would be an understatement to say that Jace was super excited.  By 10:45am, we were ready for our guests.  We spent a little bit of time inside opening presents and playing (see how the house is only semi-covered in toys).

Then we headed outside for pizza, snacks, and PLAYING!  It was a gorgeous sunny day (88F!).  We had several options for play-time-fun.  Snacks on the porch, chairs and small toys in the shade, then the playhouse, the sandbox, and water shooters with a 5 gallon bucket of water.  We had a wall of balloons (part containment strategy and part targets for the water shooters!), then the trampoline, the slide, and the water table.  And in the middle, we had the new water rocket.  It was a pretty awesome set up.

Snacks and shade.

The playhouse.

The sandbox.

Water shooters (okay, they’re kinda in all the pictures) and the water table.

The slide and trampoline (and water shooters).

The water rocket.

More water rocket….

Everything all at once!

After over two hours outside, we headed in to dry off and have some cake!

Then we played some more inside (chaos, but the kids all got along well!), handed out party favors and balloons, and everyone headed home.

It was still great weather, so we headed outside for more water rocket action and relaxing in the shade.

For weeks now, Jace has been excited for his friends to come over, sing Happy Birthday, watch him blow out the candles, clap, and then eat cake with him.  He talked about that event – in detail! – quite often.  And today it happened.  He was so happy.  I think he enjoyed the entire party, but the singing/candles/clapping was the best part.  Happy Birthday, Jace!


One thought on “My Happy Birthday to Me Party!

  1. What a special event!! Talk about some planning, with lots of fun and one happy little boy (and friends!!, and parents!) how could you ever top this? Seriously impressive!

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