Jace is THREE!

He’s gotten so big!

Jace over the years (years!).

6 months, 1 year

18 months, 2 years

2.5 years, 3 years

I think the birthday boy had a pretty good day.  He helped me decorate his cake and cupcakes.  *I let him eat a cupcake after we were done decorating – he was happy, then he paused for a second, looked at me, and said “sing first?”  Very cute – he was so excited for his birthday!*  He played in the sandbox.  We played a lot of his new game, Hungry Hungry Hippos (though he kept telling me how hungry the alligators were!).  We built his new playhouse and spent a lot of time playing inside while Luke napped.

In the afternoon, we headed for the park.  Jace RAN across the field to share cupcakes with Daphne.  He played with Daphne and with his new dump truck (prize from the fishing tournament yesterday, which had to come with, of course).  It started to rain, so we had to head home.  Luke was napping at home with Adam, so Jace and I took our time – and had a great time playing in the rain!

After dinner, it was time for CAKE!  Jace has been looking forward to birthday cake for weeks.  I think it’s more the singing/blowing out of candles that he was anticipating.  When Adam got up to light the candles Jace got SO. UNBELIEVABLY. EXCITED.  I know it’s too many pictures, but he was just so animated and happy and adorable!

After cake, Jace was very ready for presents.  He had Adam and I laughing so hard while he was opening his presents!  He got a birthday card with a drawing of a slide on the front.  In true Jace fashion, he treated the card (which he called a “Happy Birthday to me letter”) like a book.  He read “Once upon time, you go up the slide, and then you slide down, and it’s so much fun, and the end.”  He unwrapped one present and said, “oh, a box!” and moved on.  Adam and I showed him that there was a present inside the cardboard box.  The present was wrapped in blue tissue paper and tied at the top.  Jace said “oh, a fun birthday bag!” and moved on.  We showed him that you could open the tissue paper to find the actual present and he was even more excited.  Pretty easy to please!

He had a wonderful birthday and got a ton of great presents (thank you, thank you!).  We ended the night by turning off all the lights and spending 45 minutes crawling around on the floor – by light of his new flashlight – exploring.  Adam was upstairs and Luke was napping.  We crawled in and out of the playhouse, hunted for (and found!) all three animals, took the stuffed animals and lego animals on adventures, and found “treasure” – all in the dark!  Fun, fun.  And now the birthday boy is sound asleep, dreaming about playing with all his fun toys in the morning, I’m sure!

We love you, Jace!  xoxo!


One thought on “THREE!

  1. I love all the pictures!! He looks so very, very happy. You and Adam are doing such a great job. I’m glad he had such a great birthday. (Next year, I’m just going to send him empty boxes and bags. ) xoxoxo wal

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