Fish and Feet

Today was the Fishing Tournament!

The brand new fishing rod we’d bought didn’t work (sigh), but I don’t think Jace knew the difference.  The limit was 5 fish.  After a couple of the guys had “helped” their own kids get the 5 fish, they were looking for excuses to keep fishing.  And they found Jace.  We had several men trying to catch a fish for Jace.  Jace humored them by standing on the bank, but just kept saying to me, “Mommy, can we go get a cupcake now?”  After we got the cupcake he was more content on the bank.  They did hook a fish for him, but it got off before it made it to shore.  Which might be a good thing….  When we told Jace we were going fishing, he was very excited to feed the fish.  Smacking one with a rock probably wasn’t part of his plan….

The highlight of the fishing tournament came when Jace found a caterpillar.

He was the first name called for the prize drawing and he claimed a MegaBloks dump truck.  So exciting.  On his next round, he got a fancy new fishing rod (which will be great for next year).  He was the final name called on round three and he got a tackle sorting tray.

Afterwards, we got some water ice (they had super yummy flavors today!), then headed home.  Jace played with his sand table while I made dinner.  And, in other exciting news, Luke has found his toes!  He’s quite excited about this discovery!


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