Playing with Friends

Jace had quite the busy social calendar this week.  We played at Ella’s house (she has a roller coaster!), did some squirt gun painting, made mini-pizzas, walked to Wegmans for lunch with Jack, met Daphne at the park three different times, AND had Daphne over to play a few times.  Fun, fun!  Plus, the weather is getting nice, so it’s great to meet up at the playground – or play outside with water tables!

Speaking of water tables….  Jace got two awesome early birthday presents – a water table and a sand table!  He loves them both.  Today was our first day outside with the water table, but I’m sure we’ll use it more now that the weather is warming up.  And the sand table is awesome too – and a fun addition to our back deck (plus, Daphne and Jace had a great time sweeping)!

Luke is so smiley!  Here are a bunch of pictures of his happy little face.

Luke is pretty happy to be around people.  He doesn’t like being left off to the side or in a bouncer in the corner of the room – he likes to be right in the mix.  Which means he spends a lot of time in the kitchen with me, next to the sandbox with Jace, on the stove (he was fascinated with the oven clock), and in the grass at the park.  Even with a little sunburn (see the last picture – I feel SO DANG BAD – I didn’t know babies could sunburn in the shade!) he’s still happy.

Jace had his last soccer practice this week.  He got a medal and a certificate, but didn’t really care – he was much more interested in the soccer ball stamp they get on their hands each week.  In fact, as he was getting his medal he kept asking about the stamps!  Funny Jace story – his new phrase is “amazing trick”.  Jace will throw a ball, jump down the stairs, make a sandcastle, whatever and follow the action by asking his audience if they liked that “amazing trick”.  Now he uses that phrase to cover up mistakes – he’ll trip down the stairs, fall in the field at the park, or slip off his chair at dinner.  After he regains his composure, he says “wasn’t that an amazing trick?”  He’s so funny!

And I have two cute videos to upload, but my computer forced me to get Windows 10 and now I don’t know how to upload to youtube.  Sigh.  Maybe I’ll figure it out when it’s not 1:30am.  They’re cute videos!  More pictures soon – the fishing tournament is on Sunday and Jace’s birthday (which he’s crazy excited about) is Monday!


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