Carnival and Captain America

So many pictures from this week!  We had a surprise visitor….  Turns out Adam’s dad is in town for a wrestling event – and he had an afternoon off to go to the kids gym with us – and get some ice cream!  Then he came back the next day to hang out, water the garden, and mow the lawn (hmmm, sounds like we put him to work – oops!).  It was nice to see him and Jace had fun showing all off of his “awesome tricks”.

Jace is loving soccer.  The first week he was a little shy.  Now he’s excited each week.  He gets really into the team cheer (see the video).

All. Star. Soccer! – video

It’s been pretty rainy lately, so we’ve spent a lot of time inside.  Jace got to watch the plumbers try to fix our kitchen sink.  Luke is starting to hold toys (and chew on them)!  And Jace plays – hours each day – with his helicopter toy….  Seriously!  He invites helicopter for snacks, they play with playdoh together, and they fly EVERYWHERE!

On Thursday we got a break from the rain – and headed to the carnival!  Luke was awake for the entire afternoon and stayed away for the walk over, then dozed as soon as we got there.  After 20 minutes he was awake again and ready to enjoy the festivities.  Last year we bought a few tickets and Jace rode two rides.  This year we bought 20 tickets – and could have bought more.  Jace LOVED the rides!  He ran from ride to ride asking if he could “please have some tickets please”.

Okay, Jace really does enjoy the rides….  But sometimes his “excited” face could definitely be confused for a total lack of excitement….  Movie 1 is Jace’s typical expression on rides.  Movie 2 is Jace’s new expression – he’s starting to look like he’s having fun!

“Excited” on the Rides (1) – video

“Excited” on the Rides (2) – video

As we were getting ready to leave, one of my friends asked if Jace would go into the castle with his friend Ella.  Ella really wanted to go, but wanted someone to go with her.  Jace was more than happy to stay and play.  So they headed into the castle.  Jace loved it.  Jumped on the bridge, played in the ball pit, climbed the rope ladder, and flew down the slide.  Ella, on the other hand, got stuck in the ball pit, crawled suuuuper slowly up the ladder, took a good 5 minutes to cross the bridge, and then refused to come down the slide.  When Jace realized we didn’t have any more ticket for him to go again, he simply turned around and ran back up the slide and did the castle backwards!  He did try to help Ella along, but it didn’t go very well.  Basically, Jace did the castle forwards and backwards three times before Ella’s dad climbed up the slide to rescue her.  When they got to the bottom, Ella immediately asked to do the castle again!  The whole situation was pretty funny and Jace liked recounting how sneaky he was when he ran up the slide.

On Saturday, Adam took Jace to a local comic con.  It was very kid-oriented.  Jace had fun!  Luke and I stayed home, but Luke still got into the comic con spirit.  When Jace came home he asked if his little brother was a super hero!

Lastly – Jace and Luke.  This video gets a little long, but I like watching them (kinda) interact and I like listening to Jace talk.

Excavators on Luke’s Shirt – video

The many faces of Jace!

And smiles from Luke!


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