Four Months Old!

Luke is FOUR MONTHS OLD.  And he’s sooooo smiley!  He’s super sweet.  He isn’t a huge fan of tummy time.  For two months now, he’s been able to flip himself from his tummy to his back, so tummy time doesn’t really happen….  Luke is not a fan of the car.  At all.  Other than in the car, he’s a pretty happy guy.  He is very vocal and he’s got super intense focusing skills.  He tracks objects, people, and pets.  He’s ticklish.  And he laughs!  He likes to be outside, likes to be talked to, and likes to be held.  He’s wonderful!

He’s grown a lot over the past months.  He’s now around the 80th percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight.  He started out in the 2nd percentile for both, so he’s come a long way.  And he’s been gaining weight pretty rapidly lately – at his last check up he was over 12.5 lbs!  In his one month pictures, he’s about four blanket squares tall and now he’s over five blanket squares tall.  So big!

And, more pictures, ’cause he’s adorable.


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