Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Jace and Luke are pretty darn cute together.  In one of the tummy time pictures they’re wearing “Big Brother”/”Little Brother” shirts.  But of course I didn’t get a decent picture before the shirts got slimed.  Oops.  Jace has been doing a lot of fishing lately.  He calls himself “Fisherman Jacen” and he calls me “Captain Mommy”.  We go fishing for lunch for Baby Luke.  It’s fun.  And mornings are still awesome.  I get cuddle time with Luke, then Jace comes running into the room to give us both good morning hugs.  Love it!

The other day Luke stayed up late (10pm walk to the grocery store followed by 2 hours of happy talking time – night owl!) and Jace woke up early (4:45am – seriously?! – but he woke up cheerful).  After a very long morning at the house, we headed to Crayola.  Jace had fun with Cara, then met a group of 3rd grade boys.  They were SO nice to Jace!  They must all have little siblings of their own, ’cause they loved helping Jace climb in the big kid jungle gym, leading him over the rope bridge, and taking turns holding his hands on the big steps.  And Jace LOVED hanging out with “all my big kid friends”.  After three very active hours at Crayola, we headed home.  Jace fell asleep in the car instantly.  As usual, Luke screamed the entire time.  When we got home I eventually got Luke to sleep, then woke Jace up.  I brought him inside and he fell back to sleep on the couch.  So, here it is, a picture of both of my kids sleeping AT THE SAME TIME!  It lasted 12 minutes.

We went to a Cinco de Mayo dinner tonight.  Jace and I made white chocolate dipped strawberries with green sanding sugar.  Yummy.  We also made 7 layer dip in individual cups.  Dinner was delicious and Jace and Jack played for quite a while in the backyard.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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