A Garden, Turtles, and Trucks

Sigh, I did it again.  Waaaay too many pictures and it’s been too long since I posted.  So – minimal words and lots of pictures!

We had a great rest of the visit with Coffee Grandma and Auntie Mel.  The big project for the visit – our garden.  And it looks awesome.

I don’t have spectacular before/after pictures – mostly because I didn’t take before pictures and because we haven’t planted flowers yet so “after” kinda doesn’t exist.  But here are some other garden pictures (okay, and a picture of Cody working with me, ’cause that’s what I did while they gardened….).  Plus a picture of Jace being an explorer with his “telescope”.  And Jace and Auntie Mel playing in the rain (with our new shingles in the foreground and our new garden in the background!).

Jace and Auntie Mel chased down the ice cream truck, Amelia got a tour of the mine with Adam, Jace climbed a tree, Jace went to Chuck E Cheese, and Auntie Mel and Coffee Grandma got a lot of smiles from Luke!

Luke has moved from newborn size to the 0-3 month onesies – which means I can do more side-by-side pictures.  Adam and I don’t think Jace and Luke look anything alike~  Jace at 2.5 months, Luke at 3.5 months.

Luke sure is smiley!

This weekend we went to “Trucks and More”.  All kinds of trucks were parked for kids to explore.  Jace got to check out a fire truck, excavator, mail truck, semi, tow truck, and, ummm, a lot of other really big trucks that I don’t know the names of….  He got to sit in a helicopter too – and then we got to see the helicopter take off!  I’m not sure what the deal was with Jace’s tongue – that was his default facial expression for the day.  But the pictures are still cute.  And it was a really cool event.

Jace had another soccer practice (he really likes going!), he and Adam played during bath time, he helped Adam sweep the garage (loved the outfit – puddle boots are always a good look), we played in the new tent (shade tent for sunny days….), and Jace made a mess with shaving cream.  Also, Cody and Cuervo hung out on the couch all day – though apparently they both turned around at some point.  And Luke hung out in the Go Pod – he’s still a little young for it, but I’m hoping he’ll like having the ability to “stand up” while he hangs out with us!

It’s been a busy and fun few weeks!  And now I’m all caught up on pictures!


2 thoughts on “A Garden, Turtles, and Trucks

  1. You can never ever ever have too many pictures!! There’s no such thing!!! The trucks looked really cool! Jace looked sooooo happy! All of you look so happy in all of your family adventures! I’m so glad you share them!!

  2. We LOVE the posts! Thanks sooooo much for keeping us in the Estrella Loop! The kids are adorable, and we love to hear what the family is doing! And, it was fun to see the pics with Amelia and Sherri too! Thanks soooo much! Xoxo

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