Coffee Grandma, Auntie Mel, and a New Roof

It feels like summer!  Play dates lately involve popsicles and water tables.  Love it.

Jace put on his sombrero the other day and announced “I’m a cowboy!”  I said he should go ride his horse.  He was very sad for a minute because “I not have a horse,” but then he remembered he DOES have a horse!  And he proceeded to ride his 3″ tall farm toy around the living room.  Made me laugh.

The next day we picked up Coffee Grandma and Auntie Mel from the airport, then headed to soccer practice!  It was team picture day….  Watching the picture taking experience convinced me I didn’t need to buy a team picture – totally like herding cats (though one of my pictures turned out semi-okay).  Apparently the guy will photoshop the faces together to get a decent looking picture.  But Jace had fun and Coffee Grandma got a chance to hang out with Luke.


The next day we played in the yard a little bit.  I asked Jace what he wanted to do and he decided we should play with the stomp rocket.  I took a few close ups, then decided to zoom out to capture the rocket in flight.  And the rocket promptly zoomed so high that it’s out of frame.  You can get some serious distance now that Jace is such a good stomper!

Here are a lot of pictures of Luke….

On Friday we headed to another birthday party.  Jace wasn’t impressed with the ride-on toys (love the facial expression), but he had a great time in the bounce house, ate a ridiculous amount of yummy food, and had fun playing arcade games with Auntie Mel.

Luke was worn out from the day.  He needed cuddle time (with me!) and sleep time (with Adam and Cody!).

And this is how we woke up in the morning (Jace took the last two pictures).

We spent the weekend working in the yard (okay, I worked on the computer – borrrrring), but the rest were in the yard.  Pictures soon, once we’re all done!  And that brings us to today.  Today is ROOF DAY!  Jace is fascinated.  Luke is less than thrilled (poor guy is sooo sleepy and it’s really hard to nap with this much banging – I think he’s taken five 10 minute naps).  But it’s pretty cool to watch the process.  And apparently our roof is difficult, so we’ll get to watch the process again tomorrow.  Yay?  Jace will be happy!

And now, the roofers are semi-finished for the day, so I think it’s PARK TIME!  YAY!


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