Feels Like Summer

All of a sudden, it feels like summer.  The weather is gorgeous!  We spent most of our weekend outside.  On Saturday, Luke fell asleep in my arms while Jace played with Adam.  Jace has been loving playing with his trucks.  And he’s getting pretty good at t-ball!

Hit, Run, “Slide” – video
Good hit.  Adorable “slide”.

On Sunday, we played on the back deck, then Jace and Adam went to get haircuts.  Luke and I walked to the grocery store.  He was wide awake the entire time, but fell asleep as I walked into the garage.  Great shopping buddy.

Monday was another day spent outside.  We cracked open some geodes, then decided to have a picnic at the park.  I put Luke in the swing for two seconds while we got ready to go…. and he fell asleep.  Sigh.  I woke him up and he did fairly well.  We spent several hours at the park (a bunch of friends met us there!), then walked home.  Luke was pretty tired by the time we got home and was falling asleep in my arms.  Then he slept soundly most of the evening.  Which resulted in happy awake time at 1:30am.  That’s what I get for waking him up when he wanted to nap.  Sigh!  He slept most of today (Tuesday), so I don’t know what tonight will be like….

Since Luke slept most of today, we stayed in the house.  Jace loves his trucks.  Today he discovered a pretzel on the edge of his bed and decided he needed all of his trucks to help him retrieve it….  He got them all together, then said “What seems to be the problem, guys?”  Then he gave them all assignments “Excavator, you lift the pretzel.  Front end loader, you can help.”  It was a pretty elaborate rescue operation.

Jace also played school bus.  He loaded everyone up (people, lizards, and trucks), then drove around dropping people off.  After about 15 minutes of crawling around, the bus was empty.  He looked up at me and said, “What a rough day, I need a rest!”  He grabbed a snack, a book, and a blanket, then headed for his couch.  He’s so funny!

When Luke woke up, we attempted to go outside.  I thought the clouds looked cool, but it only held Luke’s attention for about 5 minutes.  Jace was having a great time with the trucks again.  Adam got home, so he and Jace played in the yard while Luke fell back to sleep and I fixed dinner.

And now it’s time to finally get caught up on work!  And maybe vacuum….


One thought on “Feels Like Summer

  1. What fun! Geodes and trucks! Without Jace’s mattress on his bed, it would be the perfect place for a fort! Just saying!

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