The Magic Touch

It’s been a while since I posted, but it’s because GRANDMA AND GRANDPA were in town.  It was a GREAT visit.  We had tons of fun and they definitely proved that they have the magic touch….  They’re like baby whisperers or something – it’s awesome!  Not only are they great with Jace, but they can make Luke happy – AND GET HIM TO NAP!  During their last visit, Adam and I went on one brunch date.  This time?  We went out as much as possible!  Three brunch dates, several errands, and one fancy dinner and ice cream date.  And every time we came home, both kids were having a great time.  Soooo awesome!

I sorted through my pictures from their visit and selected only my favorites.  I selected them all to upload and got an error message that you can only upload 200 at a time.  Yup, waaaaaay too many “favorite” pictures.  So I attempted to refine them again, and I’m going to post them in big groups to try and make it look like less pictures….  It was just such a fun visit – and we did so much fun stuff – that we have a zillion cute pictures!

First up, here’s Jace at the airport.  He loves the airport (elevator, escalator!) and he was incredibly excited to see Grandma and Grandpa.  He was galloping in place as they walked towards us through security.  Pretty cute!

Here are my favorite “Luke and Grandparents” pictures from the visit.  Luke had big smiles for Grandpa and Grandma every day.  I love how much he smiles!  Most of these pictures are just playing in the house.  My dad is an expert at getting Luke to sleep in the swing (the Noggin’ Stik is the secret weapon).  And both Grandma and Grandpa are great at walking (or strollering) Luke around when he gets fussy.  He fell asleep in both of their arms on multiple occasions.

Here are my favorite “Jace and Grandparents” pictures from the visit.  The weather wasn’t super warm, but we spent a lot of time outside blowing bubbles, flying kites, and walking.  Not to mention allllll the trike rides to Weis and Wegmans (yeah, we need to buy a bike chain, ’cause now that he can pedal, he is way too fast inside the store!).  Other pictures below include Grandma teaching Jace the finer points of scooping cake batter out of a bowl (yum), Jace “vacuuming” with Grandpa (with a ball popper), Force Sports, an ice cream date with me and Grandma, playdough and painting, waving from the window when Adam and I got home from our date, and hanging out with Grandpa watching baseball (Adam knows how much my dad likes baseball, so he bought MLB.TV – which was pretty cool).

Now, my favorite LUKE pictures from the past two weeks.  I really like the sweatshirt with ears (so cute!).  The picture in the sweatshirt in the swing was after a walk – he fell asleep in my arms and was so tired from all the fresh air that he stayed asleep when I put him in the swing (for about 20 minutes, but still!).  I love, love, love his smile!

And my favorite JACE pictures from the past two weeks.  He found an Uncle Sam hat at a store.  It was a good look with the puddle boots.  As soon as he got it on his head, he announced, “I’m a cowboy!”  For breakfast one day, I made him a smoothie.  When I handed it to him, he said, “Thank you for my smoothie.  Can I please have the iPad and a banana and a popsicle, please, please, please?!”  He’s very independent.  He insists on turning the water on himself when he brushes his teeth.  It’s quite the feat.  He thinks it’s hilarious to wear Adam’s shoes.  He was exhausted after the IronPigs game (pictures to follow), so he slept in on Friday morning.  He fell out of his bed onto the mattress on the floor and just kept sleeping!  He thinks it’s funny to climb into our bed and pretend to sleep.  He loves his school bus – and he loves his toy trucks.  And now he’s discovered a way to play with both at the same time – the school bus takes the trucks to “work”!

BIRDS!  Jace is a friend to the birds.  Jace and Grandma spread peanut butter on pine cones – though a decent amount made it to Jace’s mouth.  After coating it in birdseed, they tossed the excess out the front window.  Jace thought it was so much fun that we repeated that step several times.  Then he and Grandpa hung the pine cones on the back porch.  We got some birds, but I didn’t take pictures.  I DID get a picture of the squirrel.  Jace was excited.  Cuervo was less than thrilled.  Next, we made birdseed and gelatine “cookies”.  Jury is still out as to whether the birds like them.  But we had fun making them and the back porch is looking very bird-friendly at this point!

SOCCER!  Jace started soccer last week!  Grandma and Grandpa were here to cheer him on for his first day.  It was pretty cute.  His “team” is late 2/early 3 year olds.  Next week is picture day.  I’ll definitely post his team picture when we get it.  Cute, cute, cute!

This one is my favorite!
IMG_8761 (7)

OUTSIDE!  I love being outside.  And lucky for me, so does Jace.  And my parents.  And even Luke!  While the weather wasn’t great every day, we still put on coats and went for walks, picnics, and played at the park.  So much fun!  (Okay, our “warm” clothing is all the same, so this looks like it was all the same day, but it wasn’t!  I promise!).

BROTHERS!  Here are my favorite “brothers” pictures from the past two weeks.  Jace gets a little jealous sometimes, but 95% of the time, he absolutely loves his “little brother, Baby Luke”.  Jace is great at sitting with Luke while he falls asleep in the swing.  And in the last pictures, Jace is using his fire truck to save Baby Luke.  There are lots of fires and rescues in our house lately….!

I thought this was a funny string of pictures….

ADAM’S BIRTHDAY!  It was Adam’s birthday last Monday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Jace was pretty into the whole celebration.  He even painted Adam a picture!

BASEBALL!  The first home game for the IronPigs was Thursday.  We had great seats!  It was a COLD game, but we had a good time.  Plus, it was $1 hot dogs.  Jace ate three, then asked for more.  We satisfied him with bottomless popcorn….  We went back to the IronPigs again the next night.  Much warmer and Luke had a much better time.  He even fell asleep in my arms for a few innings!  Jace had a great time on the playground and playing wiffle ball.  We love the IronPigs!

ORANGE!  Sooooo, one morning I got up and got Jace dressed.  In an orange shirt.  Luke was wearing pants with orange feet.  I didn’t notice the color connection.  My dad didn’t see the boys before he got dressed, and he came downstairs in an orange shirt.  Adam was sleeping in.  He woke up and got dressed…. in an orange shirt!  So here ya go, accidental color-coordination (that we then had to recreate for a photo).

Eventually, it was time to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport.  Very sad.  It was such a great visit that none of us wanted them to leave.  The disappointment was tempered a little bit for Jace by the elevator and escalator….!  He rode them both solo and was very proud of himself.  That didn’t keep him from asking for Grandma and Grandpa as soon as he woke up the next morning, though.

Phew!  And that’s the post!  Amazing visit.  Tons of pictures.  Great memories.  YAY!


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