Water, Wind, and Earth

We’ve been so active lately!  Cara came over the other day and she and Jace played with every toy in the house.  For about 3 minutes each.  Toys we have two of were a big hit – two paint brushes and books, two bubble blowers, two animal noise makers, two mini-couches with two doggies to sit with them….  They played well together the whole time.

After Cara left, we had a “candy picnic” (splitting a pack of sixlets on the back deck), then we had another “candy picnic” and invited Cuervo, the kitties, and Luke.  Jace played in the bouncer, we switched to short-sleeves and did some trike-ing, and we played soccer with the new big soccer ball while Luke hung out with Adam.

WATER!  It has been rainy lately.  Lucky for Jace, we got puddle boots!  He tried them out in the parking lot of the store and announced that they worked.  Then we ran through a ton of puddles while we got a “special drink” for Adam.  Puddles are fun.

WIND!  Yesterday was insanely windy.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it blew the entire roof vent off our house.  Sigh.  But on a positive note, the wind was awesome for flying a kite!  Jace has been wanting to fly a kite – and yesterday was perfect for it.  The wind was so strong that you didn’t even have to keep tension on the string.  It was almost impossible to have the kite crash back to the ground (see the video!).  When our hands got cold, I suggested we go inside.  Jace suggested gloves.  It was a great fashion statement with the puddle boots.  Fun, fun, fun!

Let’s Go Fly a Kite – video

EARTH!  Alright, not quite earth.  More like flour.  Today, Jace and I made “moon sand”.  It’s “sand” that you can mold into shapes, then crumble back to powder.  It was fun for the toy trucks.  However, it was also a bit messy….  He looked pretty clean from across the table.  Then he stood up to get a snack and I realized he was covered!  Oh well, it swept up easily enough.

Luke!  Poor Luke has a cold.  It’s sad.  It started as a nasty cough Friday night/Saturday morning.  He still coughs some, but now he’s got a tiny bit of congestion.  He doesn’t seem to know he’s sick, for the most part though.  He’s so smiley!!!!


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