Double digits!  Luke is officially 10 lbs, as of his Monday afternoon, 2.5 month check up.  YAY!  He’s also starting to outgrow his newborn clothing.  Time to go shopping for 0-3 month sizes.  Hurray!

Some evenings go so smoothly – Luke sleeps in the swing, I get a chance to clean the kitchen and playroom, Adam gets Jace to sleep quickly, I made Adam his lunch, we both get showers, and we’re in bed by midnight.  It’s great!  Other nights?  Not so much.  And in those cases, we wake up to a messy house and we meet Adam for lunch.  We did Chick fil A this time.

We’ve had some nice weather, so we played t-ball in the backyard.  Jace has a decent hit!

Jace is over his cold – and I think all of his friends might be healthy now too – so we might get a chance to see some of them again.  All of the toddlers had a nasty cold.  Jace had the most mild version (I’m not even sure he knew he was sick other than the runny nose – “I just bless you’d all over my shirt!”).  While we’ve been on our own, we decided to rotate toys.  Which means Jace has a playroom full of “new” toys to play with.  The reason for the switch?  He kept asking for his school bus!!!!

We ate our giant Peeps bunnies.  Super yummy.  We’re addicted to Peeps now (did you know all 5.5 million peeps that are produced each day are made here in Bethlehem, PA?!).

And, despite the fact that I never get the cute pictures, Jace and Luke are still super adorable together.  I get so excited when Luke smiles that I never think to grab a camera!


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